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The All India Chamber of Commerce and Industries (AICCI) has urged the State government to take steps to declare Tuticorin as the second automobile manufacturing hub after Chennai.

In a memorandum to Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi during his visit here on Tuesday, Chamber president Joe Villavarayar said:
  • Establishment of an automobile ancillary industrial estate here for units manufacturing machineries for light and heavy commercial vehicles, would be a viable project
  • expansion of SIPCOT Industrial Estate situated here along Tuticorin-Madurai highway (NH 45 B)
  • A special economic zone (SEZ) should be set up in the town as a joint venture involving state government (Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation) and Tuticorin Port Trust, for the overall development of Tuticorin port.
  • A time-bound action should be taken to complete establishment of SEZ project at Nagunaeri, which was going at a snail’s pace now.
  • Operations at the ship-breaking unit at Valinokkam in Ramanathapuram district should be revived at the earliest, to provide more employment opportunities to people in Southern districts

Nostalgic moments mark last council meeting of Tuticorin

The last council meeting of the 142 year-old Tuticorin Municipality was held here on Thursday, amidst nostalgic moments.
  • Established in 1866 with Roche Victoria as its first chairman
  • Rs.1.25 crore would be spent to modernise two bus stands
  • crore for augmentation of drinking water supply
  • Rs.6.98 crore for desilting of the Buckle Canal passing through the heart of the town
  • Rs.4.75 crore for construction of building for Corporation office
  • Rs.48 lakh for beautifying parks in the town
  • construction of a memorial pillar in front of the Corporation office, had commenced

Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi on Monday commissioned a new cargo berth at the Tuticorin port via videoconference from Chennai.

Established with an outlay of Rs.44.57 crore, Berth 9 will increase the port capacity by two million tonnes per annum initially.

Dredging works taken up in the vicinity to increase the draught from 7 metres to 10.9 metres at a cost of Rs.41 crore would be completed by November.

The capacity of the 335-metre-long berth would be augmented by another 2.5 million tonnes once two more wharf cranes and silos are established at Berth 9 in 2009-10.

Clean cargo’ such as wheat, maize, sugar, edible oil, wood logs and granite blocks would be handled at the berth.

Union Minister for Shipping, Road Transport and Highways T. R Baalu attributed the exponential growth of the Tuticorin port in the last few decades to the initiatives and suggestions of the Chief Minister. He said Under phase one of the National Maritime Development Programme, a total of 17 projects had been undertaken (including the construction of Berth 9) to enhance the cargo handling capacity at the Tuticorin port on an outlay of Rs.961.25 crore.Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Radhika Selvi, Minister for State Highways and Ports M. P. Saminathan, Minister for Social Welfare Geetha Jeevan and Deputy Chairman of Tuticorin Port Trust A. Subbiah spoke.

Town infrastructure to be upgraded:

An emergency municipal council meeting held here on Monday resolved to upgrade infrastructure in the town at a cost of Rs.16.49 crore, as it is going to be elevated as a Corporation from August 5.

Municipal Chairperson R. Kasturi Thangam said that of the planned outlay, Rs.4.75 crore would be earmarked for the construction of a two-storied edifice for Corporation office.

The building would house the chambers of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Commissioner, besides equipped with e-governance facilities.

As part of the package, 16 ‘notified parks’ situated would be beautified by establishing lawns, better seating arrangements, walking tracks and lighting.

A retaining wall would be constructed to protect Roche Park from sea erosions.

A total of 14 road stretches would be strengthened at a cost of Rs.1.78 crore. The lion’s share of allocation would be utilised for the improvement of Victoria Extension Road, Bryant Nagar Main Road, Chidambara Nagar Main Road and Jeyaraj Road.

Stormwater drains would be established along the sides of roads at eight places.

The remaining amount would be spent on augmentation of water supply and establishment of computerised water distribution monitoring system.


Nuclear Deal - India -IAEA !!

While the five established nuclear powers have offered only 11 facilities in total - less than one percent of their total facilities - for IAEA safeguards, India has agreed to place 35 of its facilities under inspection, it added.

These facilities include 14 power reactors, three heavy-water plants at Thal-Vaishet, Hazira and Tuticorin, six installations at the Nuclear Fuel Complex in Hyderabad, the PREFRE reprocessing plant at Tarapur, and nine research facilities, such as the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Board of Radiation and Isotope technology and Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.

-extract from BJP statement

Training programme for fisherwomen from across State

A five-day training in ‘hygienic post-harvest handling and processing of fish’ organised by the Fisheries College and Research Institute commenced on its premises here on Monday. A total of 30 fisherwomen from across the State are attending the State Government sponsored the workshop.

V.K. Venkataramani, Dean, FCRI, said that the participants were being taught the methods to transport fish in insulated containers to processing plants to increase the shelf life of products substantially. Similarly, sanitation and hygienic requirements in seafood processing, drying of fish and handling of fish onboard vessels were explained. Preparation of value added fish products from low value fish would be demonstrated.

According to him,, hygienic handling of fish was essential for obtaining better unit value in the export market. He said that fish handled under contaminated environment would end up carrying heavy bacterial load. Likewise, fish could decay fast, if they were transported without proper refrigeration resulting in loss of income.

Vision 2025for Tuticorin!!
The Confederation of Indian Industry, Tuticorin district, is all set to come out with ‘Vision 2025’, a document to showcase the industrial potential of the district thereby attract investments from different parts of the globe, before August 31.
  • The Madras Consulting Group, Chennai, has been commissioned to prepare the paper
  • students, administrators, politicians, councillors of municipalities and village panchayats, academicians, civil society organisations, trade union leaders and industrialists will be contacted to give the vision a comprehensive spread

Speaking to The Hindu, V. Ramasubramanian, chairman, CII, Tuticorin district, said that the proposed document would make a mention of the scale of changes to happen in the district by 2025 and the projected requirement of capital expenditure.

Methodologies to attain inclusive growth would be highlighted for ensuring social stability in the district.

  • chapters on action plans for development of the district in infrastructure, urbanisation, industrialisation and rural development fronts
To boost education sector

Considering the growing importance of human capital, steps would be suggested to improve access to education, reduce drop-outs, increase the capacity of the higher education institutions in the district and bring innovations in the sector.

“The gross enrolment ratio for higher education need to grow at least four times from the current levels,” Mr. Ramasubramanian said.

Two-pronged study approach

Raja Sankaralingam, vice-chairman, CII, Tuticorin district, said that a two-pronged approach would be adopted for the visioning exercise, consisting of ‘desktop research’ and ‘deliberative democracy’.

Under ‘desktop research’ component, assessment and projection of socio-economic indicators would be carried out.

Using ‘deliberative democracy’ method, aspirations of youth for the future of the district would be derived through interaction forums.

Workshop on Japanese mode of housekeeping

The Confederation of Indian Industry, Tuticorin district, conducted a workshop on ‘5 S’, a Japanese concept of housekeeping
  • Sieri
  • Seiton
  • Seiso
  • Seiketsu
  • Shitsuke

Delivering keynote address, V. Rajaraman, Counsellor (manufacturing services), CII (Southern Region), explained to the executives from the industry how the implementation of ‘5 S’ (Sieri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke) could enhance productivity and customer satisfaction.

Work place should be kept clean and place all necessary items in a tidy manner, to avoid searching of inventories resulting in time loss.
He reminded that to achieve the objectives of ‘5 S’, participatory approach involving all employees was essential.

Mr. Rajaraman cautioned the executives that implementation of ‘5 S’ could fail owing to lack of monitoring audit and periodic review.

Raja Sankaralingam, vice- chairman, CII (Tuticorin district), elaborated how ‘5 S’ principles could improve ‘Total Quality Management’ as well as physical environment.

J.P. Joe Villavarayar, Past Convener ( Logistics Panel), CII ( Madurai Zone), spoke.

Outer harbour to be developed

The Government of India has recently given ‘in principle’ approval for the Outer Harbour Development envisaged at Tuticorin port on an outlay of Rs.4,350 crore, A. Subbiah, Deputy Chairman of Tuticorin Port Trust (TPT), said.

Speaking to The Hindu, he said that of the total project cost, Rs.2,810 crore would be obtained from the Japan Bank of International Co-operation under its Overseas Development Assistance component for the construction of break waters and dredging.

The rest of the cost would be met from the port’s exchequer and through public private partnership mode.

He said that a group of scientists from National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula (Goa), had recently commenced the Environmental Impact Assessment study for the OHD project.

US toxic waste dumped at Tuticorin port:

  • Polythene bags
  • crushed soft drink cans
  • Pesticide containers
  • used batteries
  • metal wires
Thousand tonnes of hazardous American waste have been dumped at Tuticorin Port, where almost 35 large containers conceal the waste, that has been lying untouched for the past three years

There is reportedly an amount of 890 tonnes of harmful waste that has been brought all the way from New Jersey. The biggest question though is if it is a case of civic apathy or a classic case of the West treating India as a dumping ground.

Since the past three years, contaminated municipal waster such as polythene bags, crushed soft drink cans, pesticide containers, used batteries, metal wires and others more have been rotting away at the port.

The cargo reportedly reached India as a part of wastepaper imported by an Indian company back in 2005. However, during the routine checks, port authorities -- much to their shock -- discovered that the cargo did not have only paper but carcenogenic waster discarded by America.

However, the fact that has been interesting is that in September 2007, a committee constituted by the Madras High Court had certified that the American garbage posed a threat to the people of India and the environment. Following this, the Madras High Court demanded that this trash be sent back to New Jersey immediately.

But, much to the horror of environmentalists, the scrap still lies around the area and the Indian company is unwilling to take responsibility of the cargo. The Americans also are refusing to take the waste back. BP Shukla, Zonal Officer - South Central Pollution Control Board said, "This consignment has municipal waste that cannot be allowed inside India."

World Environmnet day ,commemorated every year June 5th . Let us take personal responsibility towards a low carbon economy.

Glad that most of the Tuticorians who mostly prefers to ride a bycycle , are already responsible towards a low carbon economy but heavy coal based industries will be a great concern for the people from this region.

Tuticorin institute achieves breakthrough:

The Fisheries College and Research Institute (FCRI) here has made a breakthrough by standardising a research protocol for production of bio-fuel from marine micro algae.

A team of scientists at the Fisheries Biotechnology Centre of the FCRI, led by S. Felix, has extracted bio-fuel from marine micro algae using ‘Transestrification (conversion of an organic acid ester into another ester of that same acid) Method,’ involving catalysed chemical reaction on micro algal oil.

“We have used sulphuric acid as a catalyst for transestrification during our trials,” said V. K. Venkataramani, Dean. Marine micro algae isolated from seawater was first cultivated under autotrophic and heterotrophic culture systems. In autotrophic system, the algae were grown in a standardised culture medium. Culture vessels were thermostatically controlled at 25 degree Celsius in the air-conditioned laboratory of the institute and illuminated at 1,000 lux by cool white fluorescent lamps.

“The mass culture has been achieved by transferring algal broth culture to larger capacity tanks,” Dr Venkataramani said.

Under heterotrophic conditions, mass culture of algae was performed in a bioreactor of 3.1 litre capacity under ‘controlled state’ to achieve high lipid accumulation.

Micro algal cells harvested from the culture solution were pulverized and bio-lipid oil was extracted with suitable solvents. A standard reaction mixture consisting oil, methanol and concentrate was then heated for a specific period and transferred to a tailor-made funnel where the bio-fuel was separated.

The institute planned to develop an ‘industrial model plant’ for mass production of bio-fuel using this method.


Following are the proposed coal based Thermal Power Plants in & around Tuticorin Dist.,
  • 1000 mw NLC-TNEB
  • 1600mw super critical power plant@udangudi near Tuticorin
  • 1000MW by Coastal Energen
Advantage or Disadvantage ?

  1. Direct Job oppurtunities for few hundreds and indirect job oppurtunities for few hundreds
  1. High level pollution
  2. Prevents other non polluting industires to be considered in future
  3. Threat to Marine resource
Why Tuticorin ?

Tuticorin considered to be backward region by Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi . Then why Chennai was preferred for all other major industries ?

It is unfortunate that Tuticorin was not projected well by Govt., to Volkswagon and Dell were they had Tuticorin in their list as preferred location.

COASTAL Energen Pvt Ltd, the power generating flagship of the Dubai-based Coal and Oil Group (C&O Group), is setting up a maiden 2,000 MW power plant in two phases at Tuticorin.

In the first phase, a 1,000 MW power plant would be set up with a 3x360 MW coal fired plant and would involve an investment of Rs 4,200 crore. It would generate 1,100 MW of power. The first phase would start by mid-2008 and take 36 months to be completed. Another 1,000 MW power plant would be set up in the second phase that would run parallel to the first phase.

President and CEO Ahmed Buhari told mediapersons on Wednesday that 70 per cent of the funding for the project would be through debt, both domestic and foreign, with the balance through equity. Of this, their partners, the Al Rostamani Group of Dubai, would contribute 30 per cent.

About 1,000 acres of land has been acquired for the project and approved by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in Tuticorin.

A power purchase agreement would be entered into with the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board for purchasing 25 per cent of the power with the balance to be sold to power merchants from Tamil Nadu and other states. dated 01/05/2008


Tuticorin is going to attain corporation status later this year,local administration minister M K Stalin told the state Assembly today.

Though there was much jubliation among the ruling parties and the public, the real question is,Does Tuticorin benefits out of this ?


Summer begins and it is fun time for the students.Glad to see that there are many oppurtunities for the student community to utilize their time in a more effective manner.

This is the time relatives and friends visits them too.Though Tuticorin is very dynamic and fun loving place, it is very poorly maintained. Ill maintained roads,broken/open drainage , less trees.

Except the camp II beach and harbour no other places are worth visiting.

Parks in Tuticorin are very badly maintained.Rajaji Park,still the rain water is not drained and municipal authorities does not care to clean it. Roche park, under private maintanence with all broken play materials for kids.Smoking vendors inside the park and with money motive having few rides does not provide the required ambience for the kids.It is quite sad to see that Municipal is not able to provide a traffic park to Tuticorin kids.

Tuticorin sports ground also faces similar situation.Filthy garbage and open drainage welcomes you to the ground.
Just coming out of the swimming pool ,huge stagnated filthy rain water pond welcomes.

Canal cutting across the town needs immedieate attention.Much is been talked about this but still now nothing is implemented to improve it.

People cris cross the first and second railway gate has to nearly get the sun stroke experience due to frequent closures of the gates.

Visitor to Tuticorin will not be impressed with the poor infrastructure of Tuticorin and always the first impresion is near by Tirunelveli is much better than Tuticorin.

Does the industries ,in Tuticorin ,support to have a better Tuticorin ?

-muthunagar report

Various summer camps for kids & Students are started in Tuticorin.classes on Drawing,chart work,straw work,abacus,effective english communication,computers,hindi,memory,hand writing are all been offered by various private institues...summer is getting hotter day by day ..

Tuticorin town divided by railway line causes severe traffic congestion whenever the line is blocked for rail movement. Further the vehicle pollution causes severe nausal congestion leading to many healh issues


3x350MW power plant proposed near Tuticorin by Coastal energen pvt. Ltd.,
Tuticorin area is becoming a hub of Thermal power generation but it also carries the concern of major contributor to global warming..

More non polluted,industries based on new economy like IT, telecom,automobile should be considered

Maths Club inaugurated

G. Mahadevan, lecturer, Gandhigram Rural University, inaugurated Maths Club at Annammal College of Education for Women here on Friday.

The club was formed to bring together students interested in the ‘beauty’ and the ‘mystery’ of Mathematics.

It would undertake projects to develop analytical thinking and logical reasoning among the students.

It would also serve as a platform to exchange creative ideas in the field and propagate various mathematical applications, college sources said.

In another function, S. Deckla, Vice-Principal of St. Mary’s College, inaugurated the History Club of the college. D. Ganesan and Fiby Raj, president and principal of the college respectively were present.

Workshop on English teaching

The Annammal College of Education conducted a workshop on ‘Task based teaching of the English Text’ here on Saturday, to improve the linguistic skills of B.Ed. and M.Ed. students and school teachers.

K. Elango, Professor of English, Anna University, Chennai, and Secretary of English Language Teachers’ Association of India, took classes on topics such as ‘Development of writing Skills’ and ‘Teaching new vocabulary’.


Bad Road condition near Holy Cross:

Blocked Drainage spilled over across the road causes great concern for the commuters.Work is in slow progress and the student community & public feels that it should be repaired at the
earliest to avoid any health issues.

Plan to augment facilities at blackbuck sanctuary

The Department of Forests plans to develop facilities at the blackbuck sanctuary at Vallanadu near Tuticorin
  • ‘chain link fencing’ would be established for a length of two km at strategic points along the circumference of the park
  • a percolation pond would be created and a contour wall to a length of two km would be built around it, to impound rainwater flowing through the area.
  • grass seeds would be sowed over five acres to increase coverage under grassland by five per cent, to provide more quantity of fodder to the blackbucks.
  • desilting of Seetharkulam and Puliankulam tanks, which provide drinking water to the blackbucks, would be undertaken, and 600 seedlings of taller varieties of tree species would be planted.
  • To beautify and enhance facilities in the surroundings of the park, tree cultivation would be taken up at private lands spread over 15 ha and drinking water facility would be established at two adjacent villages.

2008 state Budget speech: Reference to Tuticorin (Thoothukudi):

  • The National Food Security Mission announced by the Government of India with the objective of increasing the
    production of paddy and pulses has been launched in the five districts of Nagapattinam, Thiruvarur, Pudukottai,
    Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga in respect of paddy and in the 12 districts of Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Erode, Nagapattinam, Namakkal, Tiruvallur, Tiruvarur, Thoothukudi, Tiruvannamalai,Vellore, Villupuram and Virudhunagar in respect of pulses. The production of paddy and pulses of these districts will be increased
    through provision of high quality seeds, promotion of hybrids, integrated fertilizer and pest management and adoption of SRI method.
  • Government is taking necessary measures to increase the production of palm oil by promoting the cultivation of
    oil palm. Agreements have been signed with oil extraction firms in Villupuram, Tirunelveli, Theni, Thoothukudi and Vellore districts. This will enable farmers to get higher income in addition to fulfilling the edible oil requirement of the State.
  • The Tamirabarani – Karumeniyar – Nambiar linking project for taking the surplus water from
    Tamirabarani river to the water deficit areas of Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts will be executed
    at a cost of Rs.369 crores.
  • Government has taken up several power generation projects to ensure adequate generation of electricity. Works for establishing a new 600 MW unit in the North Chennai Thermal Power Plant at a cost of Rs,2,475 crores are under progress. Tenders have been invited for setting up a 600 MW power plant at Mettur Thermal Power Station. Similarly, it is proposed to augment the generation capacity of Thoothukudi Thermal Power Station by
    1,000 MW. All the above projects will be executed by Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB). Apart from these projects, works have already commenced for establishing a 1,500 MW power plant in North Chennai as a joint venture between TNEB and National Thermal Power Corporation. TNEB has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) for establishing a 1,600 MW power plant at
    Udangudi in Thoothukudi district

Standing Paddy crop on 7000 acres damaged in rainfall:

  • 2 bullocks killed
  • low lying residential areas submerged
  • six huts collapsed
  • 16 dwellings were partially submerged
  • district received the highest amount of rain among all districts in the State during the last 24 hours ending 8.30 a.m. on Friday, totalling 1,524.8 mm, with an average of 80.25 mm.
  • standing crop of paddy were damaged at Tiruchedur, Tuticorin, Ottapidaram, Kovilpatti, Sattankulam and Srivaikundam taluks after the fields submerged in rainwater for long.
  • Several teams comprising officials of Revenue and Agriculture departments had been formed to assess loss to farmers
  • Seventy-one families at Kalankudiyiruppu and Vembar had been evacuated and moved to marriage halls after water entered their houses
  • Rail and air services from the district were not affected by rain.
  • Minister of State for Home Affairs Radhika Selvi and Minister for Animal Husbandry P. Geetha Jeevan separately visited the rain-affected areas in the district.


Rain continue to lash Tuticorin.Many parts of Tuticorin are inundated.Rain expected to continue till Sunday.


Tuticorin Port achieves target ahead of time

The Tuticorin Port Trust has achieved the annual target of 203.85 lakh tonne set by the Union ministry of shipping, road transport & highways, well in advance. The port has achieved the said target on March 14, 2008, 17 days ahead of the end of financial year.

The same is higher by 21.85 lakh tonne as against the target of 182 lakh tonne set for the year 2006-07 and Tuticorin Port Trust is the second in India to cross the target, said A Subbiah, deputy chairman, Tuticorin Port Trust in a press release on Monday.

Thermal coal, containerised cargo registered steep increase during the financial year. The Union government has also allocated more fertiliser to Tuticorin port during the year. The port with its proactive policy on anchorage operation and trade facilitation measures helped the trade to route more volume of cargo through Tuticorin Port.

The record performance of Tuticorin port was possible by the excellent patronage of the trade using the port as their preferred port for EXIM trade. With the good cooperation of all stakeholders, Tuticorin port is confident of achieving 210 lakh tonne of cargo by the end of the financial year.


Marine exports to double by 2012: Govt
India is aiming at doubling marine exports including that of tuna fish to four billion dollar by 2012, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Jairam Ramesh informed the Rajya Sabha

Export of tuna fish, which contributed to only 200 million dollars in 1.8 billion dollar export earnings in 2006-07, are being pushed through technology induction for catching this highly migrating species.

Tuna fish exports are targeted to reach 500 million dollar by 2012, he said

Andaman and Nicobar Island have been identified as holding 25-30 per cent of tuna potential in the country. "A prespective plan for tuna fishing was released 3-4 months back with main focus for fishing in Andaman and Nicobar sea and also off Vishakapatnam and Tuticorin coast," he said.

He, however, said that the domestic fish market would not be opened for imports. "There is no question of opening our fish market."

workshops for women of coastal areas :

The Fisheries College and Research Institute, Tuticorin, conducted separate workshops on ‘Coastal aquaculture technologies’ and ‘Judicious utilisation of aquatic resources for the empowerment of women’,

Training was given to a total of 50 officials of Departments of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry and members of non-governmental organisations on topics like:
  • fish processing technology
  • preparation of value-added products such as smoked tuna, fisheries economics and credit plan preparation.
conversion of low value fish into value-added fishery products would fetch the coastal women good remuneration considering the structural change in sea food exports during last few years.
Technology for mass production of ornamental fish to be developed

  • Fisheries college team to carry out research in Tuticorin
  • Centre grants Rs.52.51 lakh for the project

  • team will work out water quality parameters for maintenance of brood stock, larvae and juveniles
  • Optimisation of diet and its quality on larval development will be studied, besides, observing rate of spawning and fecundity ratio under different environmental conditions.
  • “Development of a standardised technology will augment the supply of such organisms by reducing the pressure on wild population and producing marketable size of a wide variety of species around the year,”
  • The institute will disseminate the technology developed to local fishing community and Self Help Groups, to provide them with a livelihood opportunity

Industrial Investments:
A team of top officials comprised Industries Secretary M.F. Farooqui, Chairman and Managing Director of SIPCOT N. Govindan and Chairman and Managing Director of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation S. Ramasundaram and others visited suitable areas in the southern districts for industrial investments”, was visiting Madurai, Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar, Tuticorin and Gangaikondan near Tirunelveli and the team’s report would be submitted to the government based on their findings.
  • Team visited multi-product special economic zone at Nanguneri and the SEZ at Gangaikondan

‘International Year of the Reef.’

  • The Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute, affiliated to Manonamaniam Sundaranar University, will join hands with the district administration, the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve Trust and the Gulf of Mannar Marine National park and bring out posters highlighting the importance of coral reef ecosystem in the Gulf of Mannar

  • Roll out a campaign through the visual media to explain how coral reef and the associated flora and fauna are facing more threat worldwide from the natural and anthropogenic impacts.
  • “These activities will strengthen the awareness of the ecological, social, economic and cultural value of coral reef and associated eco systems, besides helping the people come to grips with the critical threats to reefs,” J.K. Patterson Edward, Director of the institute
  • The institute also plans to produce a documentary on coral reefs (both in English and Tamil) with funding from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The documentary will be distributed, on DVDs, to educational institutions free of cost.

  • Conservation measures will have to be stepped up to sustain the increase in the coral cover from 36 per cent to 41.11 per cent recorded last year after degradation for almost three decades, according to Mr. Patterson Edward.

Discussion on Union Budget 2008

The V.O.C. College conducted an interactive session on ‘Union Budget-2008’

  • Finance Minister had neglected infrastructure, general industrial growth and housing sector in the budget, though he had reduced CENVAT rate from 16 per cent to 14 per cent to give a stimulus to manufacturing sector.
  • Debt waiver scheme announced for small and marginal farmers would have a cascading effect on reform process in the long run.
  • “The waiver to the tune of Rs.60,000 crore looks to be a sop formulated at the eleventh hour with an eye on forthcoming general elections, since there was no budgetary allocation made to provide liquidity to banks for an amount equal to the waiver,”
  • Questions answered by R. Sriram, member, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Workshop on Impact of globalizatio- conducted by Kamaraj College Tuticorin

  • The advent of globalisation has slowed down the agricultural growth rate in the country considerably, according to S.V. Hariharan, Professor (International Economics), School of Economics, Madurai Kamaraj University
  • Growth rate had plummeted below three per cent after the economy was liberalised in 1991, owing to liberal import policy and fall in government investments, among others.
  • Agriculture growth rate graph showed an increase only in Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura, after the economy was opened up in 1991.

Research centres opened

  • The centre for mathematics, named after mathematician S.S. Pillai
  • Periodical titled ‘V.O.C. Mathematics News’ will be published.
  • Botany research centre
  • A total of 11 lectures and readers are available at the centre to provide guidance to research scholars.
The centre for mathematics, named after mathematician S.S. Pillai, is equipped with books/journals and computers necessary for pursing doctoral programmes in the topics of algebra, topology, graph theory and near rings theory.


Study to be conducted to link Karaikudi and Kanyakumary via Tuticorin- Railway minister Lalu at his Budget speech


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Tuticorin branch, will augment the infrastructure at its official house here, ICAI Bhavan, on an outlay of Rs.45 lakh, to meet the emerging needs of practising Chartered Accountants and students.

Existing facility:
  • Air-conditioned auditorium
  • a modern board room,
  • an info-tech laboratory,
  • library,
  • reading room,
  • an office room and cabin for Chairman of the branch.
Proposed facility:

A Computer centre equipped with 20 personal computers, a class room and guest room would be established on an area of 1,400 sq feet.

“The facility will be of help to the students from Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts, who otherwise have to go to Chennai to undergo such training.”

Ms. Karat,Rajya Sabha and CPI (M) Polit Bureau member, said that the Centre should counter the false propaganda and double standards being adopted on the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project.

Wonders of Deep Sea:
Three students from V O C College, Thoothukudi - R Arunkumar, V S Rajkumar and E Koilraj-have brought a glimpse of the natural wonder through their Marine Ornamental Fish Aquarium at the Ornamental Fish Expo Nellai 2008 conducted by the Centre for Aqua-culture Research and Extension of St Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai.

These students presented the inter-connectivity between these two unrelated species - the sea anemones and the clown fish. `The relationship between these two is very interesting’, say the students.

Sea anemones’ body is made of soft tissue shudder and collapse into their amoeba shaped bodies at the first sight of disturbance. If a small fish approaches, it is stung and made a feast but these sea anemones do not hurt clown fishes.

The clown fish has a symbiotic relationship with the sea anemone as it catches its food by cooperating with its host anemone.

The other colourful fishes of their aquarium are wimple, Pakistan butterfly, three spot damsel, rainbow wrasse, surgeon major, blue ring angel and yellow butterfly.

`We had not bought any of these fishes from shops, instead we met the Thoothukudi fishermen and collected these fishes from them’, say the students.


The Tuticorin port created a new record on February 16 by handling 1,13,327 tonnes of cargo on a single day, surpassing the previous record of 1,10,403 tonnes handled on November 17 last year.

This achievement was mainly brought about due to anchorage, handling of coal and the increased volume in container traffic through the port, a press release said.

Pearl production programme inaugurated
  • nucleated oysters would be provided free-of-cost to the SHGs
  • Training imparted to SHG in construction of rafts, fabrication of cages and pearl farm management etc.,
  • Price of pearls was ranging between Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,500 for every gram, depending on the quality.

Exhibition on marine resources

  • Organised by Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute at Tuticorin
  • The biodiversity repository of marine fish, pearl and edible oyster has been displayed. Ornaments made of cultured pearls have been exhibited.

  • In-vitro pearl production techniques and research programmes carried out by the CMFRI centre here since 1948 are being explained.
  • A carcass of a whale shark, conserved in preservatives, has been a ‘crowd puller’ at the exhibition, because of the novelty of the rare object that has been put on display.
  • Salient features of SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) diving methods are also demonstrated.

High amount of ammonia killed fish: study

A study conducted by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has attributed the mass mortality of fish at the Karapad Bay here on February 14 to high amount of ammonia concentration in water.

Scientists belonging to the fisheries environment division of the institute have put the ammonia concentration in samples collected on that day at 2,159 micrograms per millilitre, higher than the permissible limit, official sources told The Hindu.

The scientists reckon that the ammonia would have entered the area either with the freshwater through the Koramballam creek, which drains out rainwater from the town into the bay, during the rain that lashed Tuticorin on February 14, or through direct discharge from any of the industrial units along the coast. Phosphate, nitrate and chlorophyll contents, too, were found marginally higher in the samples.

Samples of the dead fish would be taken to the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute at Kochi for test.

Aquameet 2008:
  • Organized by Kamaraj College
  • Take steps to use more probiotic-enriched feed instead of antibiotics
  • Adopt good aquaculture practices (GAP) for improved production,
  • Topics related to microbial aspects of aquacultural systems and decomposition processes caused by micro-organisms in the environment were taken up for deliberation.

Thousands of fish were found dead

The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Tuticorin unit, on Friday commenced the study of water samples from Karapad Bay here where thousands of fish were found dead on Thursday.

Speaking to The Hindu, P. S. Asha, scientist (fisheries environment division), who heads the study, said that preliminary research had confirmed the entry of freshwater carrying pollutants into the Bay, which could have caused the mortality in large numbers.

“It’s also noticed that there has been a presence of ‘oil flicks’ in the area,” she added.

According to her, it would take at least a couple of more days for the institute to ascertain the entire profile of pollutants in the samples taken randomly from along the four km stretch of waters of Karapad Bay.

The institute would also examine the levels of oil, ammonia, chlorophyll and nutrient levels in the water samples during the course of study.

However, she ruled out the possibility of mortality of fish in large numbers because of reduction in salinity levels to about 27 ppt (parts per thousand) after large quantity of rain water flowed into the area on Thursday.

“As part of our research over the past decade, we had even observed salinity dipping to 13 ppt during monsoons which never resulted in the death of fishery resources in the region,” she pointed out.

College Festival:

‘Fisfest,’ an inter-collegiate cultural competition
  • Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology emerged first
  • conducted by Fisheries College and Research Institute,Tuticorin
  • Three hundred students from 16 colleges participated
  • Events such as vocal, group dance, instrumental music, rangoli, flower arrangement and painting

Dr. Palaniyandi ,Tuticorin collector , said that plans were afoot to enhance the tourism potential of the town. “The project proposal has been sent to the tourism director,”

Infrastructure in eight selected slums situated within Tuticorin municipal limit would be augmented at an estimated outlay of Rs.9.35 crore under Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme, during the next financial year.

Total of 663 works would be undertaken in the slums at Sundervelpuram, Polpettai, Kandasamypuram, Cruzpuram, Threspuram, Krishnarajapuram and K.V.K. Nagar.

Host Tuticorin regained the title after a gap of 22 years, defeating Chennai 5-4 in the tie-breaker in the final of the 29th all-India Major Ports hockey tournament

At the regulation time, the teams shared two goals. In the losing semifinalists match, Kolkata beat Mumbai 3-0.

The results: Final: Tuticorin 5 (Balamurugan 2, Sivasankar, Kalidas, Muthuselvam) bt Chennai 4 (Gopi, Nishanth, Shankar, Mahesh) via tie-breaker, regulation time 1-1. Losing semifinalists match: Kolkata 3 (Jag Devsingh 2, Sunil Singh) bt Mumbai 0.

Farmers’ field schools opened in 55 villages
  • An effort to combat pest attack and increase yield

The Department of Agriculture has introduced 55 Farmers’ Field Schools (FFS) at as many number of villages in the district on an outlay of Rs.9.29 lakh allocated by the Centre, to enhance yield of selected crops by combating pest attacks.

Speaking to The Hindu, S Arumugam, Joint Director of Agriculture, said that a total of 1,650 farmers involved in the cultivation of cotton, pulses, rice maize and oilseeds, would reap the benefits of the concept.

The schools were adopting group-based learning process by bringing together methods from agro ecology, experimental education and community development, to promote Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

“Resource persons from the department and the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University are disseminating to the farmers how IPM as an ecological approach can control pests through an array of complimentary methods,” Mr. Arumugam said.

The FFS would educate the farmers to understand the ecosystem of their crop fields, besides teaching them on possible threats posed by indiscriminate use of insecticides, through weekly sessions at the respective fields.

Training would be imparted to assist the farmers to identify the beneficial as well as harmful insects and assess their relative population, which would help them to choose the type of pest management practice conducive for respective regions.

Meet on Bio-diesel

  • drive the vehicle at 45 km/ hour
  • switch off the engine at traffic signals
  • practice ‘car pool’
  • use pressure cookers always for cooking
  • reduce the flame of gas stove when the boiling starts
10 to 22 per cent conservation of fuel by following these tips would help the nation to save a whopping Rs.25,000 crore annually

Collector R. Palaniyandi inaugurated a seminar on ‘bio diesel’ conducted here on Wednesday to popularise its scope considering the fast depletion of fossil fuel resources during last few decades.

The programme was jointly organised by Department of Agriculture and oil companies who were members of the Petroleum Conservation Research Association.

M. Nageswaran, General Manager (southern region), Indian Oil Corporation, urged the public to co-operate with the steps taken by PCRA to prevent exhaustion of fossil fuel resources.

Presently, the country imports about 71 per cent of its annual total consumption of crude oil (120 million tonnes) causing a financial burden of Rs.2.5 lakh crore to the national exchequer

Emerging trends in Computers:

A State-level seminar on ‘Emerging trends in computers’ organised by Holy Cross Home Science College, Tuticorin, for students, was held here on Wednesday.

Mary Hilda, principal of the college, said that the objective of the programme was to promote effective use of computer technology among youth.

A. Suruliandi, Reader, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, elaborated the paradigm shift taking place in mobile technology from Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) to General Packet Radio Services (GPRS).

A. Baby Meenalosini, lecturer (Computer Science), V.O.C. College, Tuticorin, explained the benefits of Geographic Information System (GIS) as a tool to capture, store, analyse and manage data and associated attributes which were spatially referenced to earth.

She also taught the participants the applications of GIS for asset management, urban planning, logistics and environmental impact assessment.

Model banana fibre: Tuticorin engineer’s feat
  • Finds a place in the latest issue of "Creative India Booklet"
  • Had received ‘L-Ramp Award of Excellence-2006’ instituted by Lemelson Foundation, USA, and Indian Institute of Technology-Madras,
  • fibres produced out of it was uniform and overall quality of fibres extracted were ‘good’- Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology ,Mumbai

    K. Murugan, a native of Tuticorin, who developed a model of banana fibre separator a year ago, has found a place in the latest issue of ‘Creative India booklet’ brought out by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology in connection with the 95th Indian Science Congress.

    The young engineer, who runs a business in the heart of the town, was earlier awarded ‘L-Ramp Award of Excellence-2006’ instituted by Lemelson Foundation, USA, and Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, for developing the gadget.

    The Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology in Mumbai, functioning under the ambit of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which put the instrument to test, had in its report stated that fibres produced out of it was uniform and overall quality of fibres extracted were ‘good’.

    Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Murugan said that the instrument gives value-addition to banana growers by making silk yarn from banana pseudo stem, which is usually discarded as waste.

    He said that average linear density of fibres produced from the equipment was computed as 37 gm/text. According to him, he has been awaiting full-fledged patent for the instrument from Intellectual Property of India.

    The government has honoured a host of personalities from trade and industry with the Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shree awards.

    Shiv Nadar , Chairman HCL , native of Tuticorin District is in the list of Padma Bhushan awardees along with K.V. Kamath, MD and CEO of ICICI Bank; Baba Kalyani of Bharat Forge; D.R. Mehta, former SEBI Chairman; and Suresh Kumar Neotia of Gujarat Ambuja


The Fisheries College and Research Institute will conduct research on developing a multiplex polymerized chain reaction-based technique to detect and isolate bacterial pathogens in fish and fishery products. The Rs.37.17 lakh-project, starting this fiscal, will be funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

FCRI dean V.K. Venkataramani told The Hindu that a team of scientists, led by G. Jeyasekaran, Associate Professor (fish processing technology), would use different strains of bacterial pathogens obtained from recognised collection centres and laboratories for the study.

Various media such as nutrient broth, brain heart infusion broth, eosine methylene blue agar and trypticase soy broth obtained from Hi Media Laboratories, Mumbai, would be used for the growth of strains of bacterial pathogens.

The scientists would then extract cell pellets from the microbiological media and they would be used for preparation of template DNA.

In the final stage of the three-year research project, the PCR conditions would be optimised to develop the M-PCR technique for simultaneous detection of pathogens such as ‘Salmonella,’ ‘V. cholerae’ and ‘E.coli,’ which could cause outbreak of food-borne diseases in humans if not isolated properly.

“While ‘Salmonella’ causes salmonellosis in human beings, the other pathogens cause dysentery, if consumed,” Dr. Venkataramani said.

Once developed, the technology would revolutionise microbial identification because of its ability to provide a simple fingerprint of certain bacterial communities even in complex matrices before cultivation.

“The technique will thus ensure that the fish products exported from the country are safe for consumption as per the international food standards thereby considerably increasing the foreign exchange earnings of the country,” he said.

At present, the country earns about Rs.7,000 crore as foreign exchange through export of fish and value-added fishery products.


Tuticorin district is blessed with abundant heritage sites which can beckon tourists from all over the globe.

  • Civilised habitation-Athichanallur situated on the banks of river Tamarabarani -It is assumed that a civilised habitation existed there very long back, after archaeologists recovered some urns and mud vessels used in ancient era from the place. The place is now directly under the supervision of Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department.
  • Kazhugamalai situated about 90 km from Tuticorin, too can be considered historians’ paradise. The Jain cave temple and Jain architecture are a treat to watch.Besides,temple named Kazhugasalamoorthy kovil, which belongs to 18th century s also situated adjacent to the Jain cave temple.
  • Lady of Snow church - 4 century old @ Tuticorin
  • Ancient Roman Catholic Church - Manapad-60km from Tuticorin -Cross at the top of the church is said to have been from Jerusalaem.Church was directly associated with St.Xavier,missionary from West
  • Tiruchendur- The sculptures and temple tower at the Lord Subramaniyaswamy temple there are worth seeing.


empower IT’

Belying expectations of the organisers, more than 8,000 students have already registered their names to participate in the ‘empower IT’ programme to be organised by the Tamil Nadu Electronics Corporation here on January 18 and 19 to give an opportunity to the students to meet the top executives of domestic and trans-national information technology companies.

Top executives of some of the leading IT firms including HCL, Cognizant Technology Solutions, IBM, Orangescape, Tata Consultancy Services etc., will be participating.

Besides giving an opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills in the field of information technology through various competitions, the interaction with the IT executives will reveal the actual requirement of the IT industry.


Centre to get more time to file its affidavit on this multi-crore project.

Sethusamudram shipping canal: It is a 150 years dream of the Indians,especially the south Indians , which is expected to increase the trade in the Indian eastern coastal.It is under controversy that it could disturb the sand clusters formed between the Indian and Srilankan Island.

Wishing our readers a Happy Pongal !!

Pongal - Harvest festival celebrated in southern India


Rs. 46-cr. sewerage work gets under way

Construction of underground sewerage system here on an outlay of Rs 46.40 crore commenced with ‘bhoomi puja’ on Saturday.

The project will be implemented by the municipality with technical support from Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board and commissioned during 2009-10.

Of the total project cost, Rs 4.64 crore will be grants from the Government under Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project-III, Rs 26.02 crore borrowed as loan from Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure Financial Services and three private finance firms, and the rest, Rs. 15.74 crore, raised through public contribution.

The project involves laying sewerage lines for 117.18 km, 3,985 manholes, eight lift stations, a main pumping station, four sub-pumping stations, and 23,910 house-connections.

The municipality will levy monthly usage charges of Rs.60 for domestic use (Rs.3,000 as deposit) , Rs.150 for commercial use (Rs. 6,000) and Rs.200 for industrial use (Rs. 10,000).


Students cleaned Roche Park:

About 200 NSS volunteers from St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, B.M.C. Higher Secondary School, Bharatiar Vidyalayam Higher Secondary School, St. Francis Xavier Higher Secondary School, St. Lasalle Higher Secondary School, Karapettai Nadar Boys Higher Secondary School, Caldwell Higher Secondary School and S.A.V. Boys Higher Secondary School, all situated in Tuticorin town, cleared the bushes and wild plants in Roche Park.

Mr. Jeyakaran said the education department planned to conduct similar cleaning operations at tourist spots, other parks and public places where a large number of people visit daily, at regular intervals, starting next academic year (2008-09).

A platform to promote traditional art forms

St. Mary’s (Evening) College on Friday launched ‘Kalaikuzhu’ (Artgroup), an elite club to promote traditional art forms of the State.

College director Sister S. Decla said the club would take steps to popularise village folk dances such as ‘Kummi,’ ‘Kolattam,’ ‘Oyil Kummi’ and ‘Karagam’ among the youth.

At the inaugural function, students performed ‘Kummi.’ Likewise, ‘Karagam,’ a folk dance performed by villagers in praise of rain goddess Mari Amman and river goddess Gangai Amman, was performed.

A ‘Kolattam’ performance by the students went down well with the audience.

The show also featured ‘Oyil Kummi’ dance, a well known art form in Tiruchi, Salem, Dharmapuri, Erode and Coimbatore regions.

National-level seminar on ‘Peace and harmony’ @ St.Marys

The International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) and St Mary’s College, Tuticorin, jointly organised a national-level seminar on ‘Peace and harmony’ on 10th Jan ,Thursday, to teach youth the need for a societal approach to religious freedom.

Delivering the keynote address, international president (acting) of IARF Thomas Mathew called upon the youth to obtain freedom from oppressive interference and discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief.

He stressed the need to develop programmes to support communities that had suffered from the denial of religious freedom.

Mr. Mathew explained the activities undertaken by the association since its inception in Boston in the United States in 1900 to promote the importance of peace and social harmony.

Air station coming up @ Tuticorin:

The Coast Guard plans to establish a jetty and an air station at Tuticorin during the 11th Plan, according to Inspector-General Rajender Singh, Commander, Coast Guard (Eastern region).

Speaking to The Hindu on Monday, he said the project, proposed under the Coast Guard Development Plan, would help to strengthen surveillance in the Gulf of Mannar.

The Coast Guard would set up the jetty along with the Tuticorin Port Trust. Land for the air station would be identified shortly. The air station would have dornier aircraft and a helicopter.

To strengthen the fleet, a 74-metre offshore patrol vessel, with an endurance of 15 days, will soon be relocated to Tuticorin from another Coast Guard station, he said. The offshore patrol vessel would be fitted with pollution control devices and surveillance gadgets. It would have a helicopter on board.

The Coast Guard station here has only two inshore patrol vessels and a fast patrol vessel.

The vessel will be deployed in Tuticorin once one of the three dedicated pollution control vessels, being built at ABG shipyard in Surat for the Coast Guard, is commissioned this year, he said.

Nobel Peace Prize - 2007 for IPCC
Dr. Sukumar Devotta, native Tuticorian , a member of IPCC

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize - 2007 to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), jointly with former US Vice-President Al Gore, is a remarkable testament to the dedication and commitment of the thousands of experts and participants who have produced the Panel’s rigorous and comprehensive assessment reports on climate change.

The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) is proud to have its Director, Dr. Sukumar Devotta, as a member of the IPCC. Dr. Devotta had contributed in four IPCC reports entitled “Methodological and Technical Issues in Technology Transfer: A Special Report of IPCC Working Group III” (2000); “Climate Change 2001:Mitigation” (2001); “IPCC / TEAP Special Report Safeguarding the Ozone Layer and the Global Climate System : Issues related to HFCs and PFCs” (2005) and “2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories for Industrial Processes and Product Use” (2006).

An e-mail received by Dr. Devotta from Dr. Ogunlade Davidson and Dr. Bert Metz, Co-chairs IPCC Working Group III reads as “You no doubt have heard about award of Nobel Peace Prize to the IPCC, jointly with Al Gore of USA. This makes all of you a Nobel Laureate and we, as co-chairs want to congratulate you wholeheartedly with this exceptional recognition”. For Dr. Sukumar Devotta this recognition is definitely morale boosting and will add to his commitment to the IPCC. “I being a chemical engineer would continue to support the mitigation work of IPCC” - says Dr. Devotta.


PepsiCo to set up seaweed processing plant
PepsiCo India Holdings Private Ltd has plans to set up a Carrageenan biopolymer plant in Tamil Nadu, mainly for the overseas market.

Extracted from red seaweed, Carrageenan is a biopolymer used as a gelling/thickening agent in food processing and pharmaceutical industries. It is also used in beer as a clarifier, in toothpaste as a stabiliser and in shampoo as a thickener.

By the third quarter of the next year we may set up the plant," Abhiram Seth, the company's executive director, exports and external affairs, told IANS. It will come up in either Mandapam or Tuticorin, both in Tamil Nadu.

According to him, the plant capacity and the outlay are yet to be fixed as they are dependent on the volume of seaweed available and the level of the plant's sophistication.

The minimum capacity of the plant will be 5,000 tonnes of dry weed per annum which would require an investment between Rs 5 crore and Rs 10 crore.

"We are yet to decide on the location. Ultimately the end product has to go out of Tuticorin," Seth remarked.

Coast Guard plans to set up air-station
Indian Coast Guard is planning to set up an Air-Station in Tamil Nadu or Puducherry
After reviewing the coastal security in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk straits from the Coast Guard Liner base at Mandapam,he said negotiations were going on with air force station officials at Thanjavur and other officials at Puducherry and Tuticorin.

Once permission was granted to establish the station, the Coast Guard would deploy its aircraft, Dornier or the like, Inspector General and Commander Coast Guard, Eastern Region, Rajendra Singh told reporters.

"We are still in the stage of identifying an ideal location," he said.

Coast Guard had submitted prospective plan for 2007-08, and for 15 years from 2007-22,in which it had requested the Centre to establish two coast guard stations, one in Tamil Nadu and the other in Orissa, he said.

"We will choose either Nagapattinam or Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu and Gopalpur has been chosen for Orissa," he said. They had requested the state government to provide land for the facility,he said.

The full-fledged station would help coast guard operate bigger ships,interceptor vessels and others.A Communication centre would also form part of the Station.

The Commander said five acres of land would be required for the establishment of the Station.


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Project , Trial power production started:
Trial production of power under the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Project at Kulasekarapattinam near Tiruchendur in Tuticorin district was on, a top official of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board said on Wednesday.

The ocean thermal energy conversion involved vaporisation of liquid ammonium using the sudden drop in the temperature within five metres from the surface of the sea water, G V Ramasamy, Chief Engineer, TNEB said.

Addressing a meeting of the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he said this vaporised gas was used to operate the turbines which generated power.

Such a temperature difference within five metres from the sea-level was noticed off Kulasekarapattinam, he said.

For the ongoing trial production, a floating vessel was also used. Once the trial was successful, power could be generated on a large scale, he said.

Besides, trial production of power from tidal waves was going on in Gujarat. The Government was also keen to tap solar energy and wind energy. However, production of wind energy had dropped last year leading to shortage of power in the state.


Tuticorin welcomed 2008 with fire crackers and Prayers.
People exchanged new year wishes.Police protection was enforced all through the town.

11th annual State-level open chess tournament for the Pearl City Trophy started at Tuticorin .Age groups from 6 to 80 participated in this event. Students from all over Tamil Nadu participated. Senthil,student of Cliff school,Ooty was very much anxious to play his first tournament. Raghu, a student from Pondycherry was quite happy to be here in this tournament and was looking forward to go through all the rounds.


3rd gate to be closed from Dec26th,07 for traffic.Another gate, about half a KM from the 3rd gate was opened.
Highway crossing the 3rd gate is expected to commense soon.

Hundreds of curious people thronged the Tuticorin port on Wednesday, as Navy provided them with a rare opportunity to see several features of warships. Two naval ships, INS Rajput and INS Kora, which arrived here as part of Navy Week celebrations, were thrown open to public.

Buckle Canal to be revived
  • 5.88 km long waterway starting from ‘Mundram Mile’ and ends at the ‘Gulf of Mannar’, on an estimated outlay of Rs.25 crore.

The canal which was constructed by the Britons to drain the rainwater into the sea to prevent flooding of the town, has been dying for the last few decades owing to indiscriminate dumping of solid wastes into it.

Official sources told The Hindu that the document was drafted after making scientific assessment of deficiencies of the existing features and alignment of the canal.

A manuscript suggests methodology to overcome the inadequacies pertaining to environment, topography, hydrology, traffic bottlenecks and social parameters.

The study has suggested a constant width of 12.9 metre all through the course of canal by carrying out deweeding, desilting and removal of encroachments.

According to the report, 224 permanent and 196 temporary encroached structures have come up along the canal over the last few years.

“Presently, the width of canal varies from 6 metre to 28.8 metre at different points,” sources said.

Sources said that new minor bridges and causeways would be constructed at 11 places as part of the scheme.

Landscaping will be established and roads will be constructed alongside the canal to beautify its surroundings.

Choice to open Hotel @ Tuticorin

Choice Hotels India, which is 50:50 joint venture between Choice International of the United States and the Gupta Group, runs 35 hotels in India across its four mid-segment brands - Comfort, Quality, Sleep Inn and Clarion. It plans to establish 10 hotels in south India in two years.

Sun TV to launch FM radio channels at Madurai, Tuticorin

Kalanidhi Maran-promoted media group Sun TV today said it will launch two FM radio stations at Madurai and Tuticorin.

"These Stations can be heard at 93.5 MHz frequency in Madurai and Tuticorin and the programs will cater to the audience of all age groups," Sun TV said in a communique to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

"These Stations can be heard at 93.5 MHz frequency in Madurai and Tuticorin and the programs will cater to the audience of all age groups," Sun TV said in a communique to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Public Hearing on 1000MW power plant went on peacfully at the collectorate today @ Tuticorin.Fears about the sea pollution were clarified.

The plants would come up on 130 hectares of land near the existing 2 X 1,050 MW Tuticorin Thermal Power Station.

The coal requirement for the project was computed as 5.6 million tonne per annum, considering 6,000 hours of operation.

Answering the environmental concerns raised during the hearing, N. Sasikumar, Executive Director (Projects), TNEB, said that of the total project cost, about Rs. 400 crore was earmarked for pollution control.

He assured that fly ash generated would not be disposed into the sea; rather the eject (fly ash) would be supplied to construction industry.

He said that high efficiency precipitators would be used to reduce the emission of suspended particulate matter (SPM). To bring down air pollution arising from sulphur dioxide, coal with low sulphur content (0.4 percent) would be used. The generators and turbines used inside the plant would be fitted with silencers to reduce noise pollution.

This project is expected to improve the infrastructure of Tuticorin.

Does the threat from Global Warming due to coal based power plants is been discussed ?


SPIC FIDE Rated Open 2007, Tuticorin

  • Sep 23rd - Sep 30th
  • 130 plus participants


Erode-Nagpur rail freight corridor mooted

  • It will develop trade volumes , Port hinterland to be expanded

    Authorities of the Tuticorin Port Trust have suggested that the railways create a ‘backbone freight corridor’ connecting Erode with Nagpur, to facilitate goods movement from central India to the port.

    The proposal is made in a ‘business plan’ prepared by the TPT for the overall development of trade volumes through the port.

    The dedicated rail corridor would reduce the time delays in transportation of goods to and from the port, which was essential to attract more users here.

Textile exports may get dedicated Hubs

The government is considering setting up dedicated textile cargo handling facilities at major international airports and sea ports.

“We, along with the export promotion councils, have identified international airports and sea-ports where we plan to develop dedicated facilities for handling textiles cargo. We plan to put up such facilities for apparel export and import cargo at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) Mumbai, Mumbai port, Chennai port and the Tuticorin port. International airports such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore would also have dedicated textile cargo handling facilities,” a government official said.

Role of women in water management explained

A two-day State-level seminar on ‘Women and Water’ organised by the All India Catholic University Federation unit at St. Mary’s College for Women, Tuticorin, began here on Friday.

Delivering the keynote address, Henry Jerome, national advisor of AICUF, explained the role of women in water management and conservation of environment, which was essential for sustainable human development.

Topics such as ‘Privatisation, pollution and politization of water and women’, ‘Women of Western Ghats and water issues’, ‘Water management and eco-feminism’ and ‘groundwater depletion and groundwater’ were deliberated at the programme.

A total of 60 students from various colleges are participating.

L&T to raise Rs 2,800 cr for shipyard,

  • one in Gujarat and another in TN
  • location to be announced soon
Larsen & Toubro (L&T), the country’s biggest construction and engineering company, today announced it would raise Rs 2,800 crore ($700 million) through a global depository issue (GDR), most of which will be used to build a new shipyard.

L&T is one among four companies that is keen to build two mega shipyards of international standard. The other companies are Korean STX, Shapoorji Pallonji and Bharti Shipyard.
A report earlier this month quoted a government official as saying that the shipping ministry had identified Kakinada, Ennore and Tuticorin on the east coast and Mundra and Pipavav on the west coast

22/08/2007: (

Marine stations to function by end of this fiscal

All 12 marine police stations under construction will start functioning before the end of this financial year, Additional Director-General of Police (Coastal Security Group) Jagan M. Seshadri said on Monday,20/08/2007..

Speaking to The Hindu here after reviewing the security along the Tuticorin and Tirunelveli coast, he said 504 personnel would be deployed to man these stations at the rate of 42 persons a station.

The recruitment would be done in phases. The stations were being built by the Tamil Nadu Police Housing Corporation at Tharuvaikulam in Tuticorin district, Koodangulam in Tirunelveli district), Colachel in Kanyakumari district, Devipattinam and Mandapam in Ramanathapuram district, Nagapattinam, Keezhaiyur and Vedaranyam in Nagapattinam district, Adiramapattinam and Sethubhavachatram in Thanjavur district and Manamelkudi and Thiruppunnavasal in Pudukottai district.

He said the personnel would be trained on board Coast Guard vessels in interception and inspection of boats, besides the use of anti-aircraft gadgets, fire fighting and navigational instruments.

Accompanied by Superintendent of Police Deepak Motibhai Damor, Mr. Seshadri visited two coral reef islands, along the Tuticorin coast, to explore the possibility of establishing a surveillance system in the area by the Coastal Security Group, the Coast Guard and the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve Trust.



Tatas to go ahead with titanium project:

The project is definitely on," Tata Steel Managing Director B Muthuraman told reporters @ chennai on Tuesday.

We want to do the project with the support of the people. Almost three-fourth of the people in the area are supporting the project. The remaining have some doubts. We will clear those doubts in the minds of those people. We want to execute the project because the people want it,"

"I am willing to have a debate with any cross-section of the people about the project," he said while expressing surprise at the opposition to the project. dated 14/08/2007


Tuticorin Girl, M.M Venpa won 3Gold in Junior Nationals @Bhopal

  • 100M freestyle: M M Venpa ( 1:04.84 min)
  • 200M individual medley: M M Venpa (2:39.59)
  • 200m breaststroke: : M. M. Venpa ( 2:56.96)

Venpa a tenth standard student of Holy Girls HSS, Thoothukudi, won three gold medals in 100 metres breast stroke, 100 metres freestyle and 4 x 200 metres freestyle and three silver in 200 metres breast stroke, 50 metres breast stroke, 200 metres IM and two bronzes in 4x100 metres medley relay and 4 x 100 metres freestyle relay.


PSA cuts tuticorin throughput by 25pc
PSA International, the world's second-largest ports firm, will cut the number of containers it handles at its south Indian port by 25 per cent, after Indian authorities forced it to cut the price it charges to shipping companies.

"While PSA-SICAL is committed to operating and developing Tuticorin Container Terminal, the decision by India's Tariff Authority for Major Ports... has made the terminal commercially unviable," PSA said in a statement on Monday.

PSA, which is owned by Singapore state investment firm Temasek, said India's Tariff Authority for Major Ports, told it to halve the revenues at its Tuticorin terminal in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

PSA moved the equivalent of 377,000 twenty-foot containers at Tuticorin in the 12 months to the end of March 2007, a quarter more than its annual minimum guaranteed throughput of 300,000.

"Some ships will likely experience a longer port stay as a consequence," PSA said, adding it hopes to find a way to return to normal operating conditions after talks with the tariff authority
Study in Gulf of Mannar Planned:
  • First phase - study & compile available info on mollusc
  • Second phase - reconnaissance survey of the distribution of the scheduled mollusc.

Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute, affiliated to Manonmaniam Sunderanar University, will conduct a study on the current status of scheduled mollusc and associated fauna in the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, along the Tuticorin coast, during this financial year.

The aim is to develop codes for management and monitoring of mollusc in the region, after assessing their distribution and threats to their existence.

The study will be carried out at a cost of Rs. 3.68 lakh allocated by the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve Trust.
Institute Director J. K. Patterson Edward told TheHindu that as part of the field study, people employed at fish landing centres and residents of major fishing hamlets in the district would be interviewed through a questionnaire. “It will help us assess the status of mollusc.” Samples of scheduled mollusc would be collected for taxonomic verification and documentation. Based on the data, the institute would develop a protocol on the restoration of depleted resources and a methodology for regular monitoring of the mollusc population. The final report would be published as a booklet for the benefit of enforcement and conservation agencies. It would feature ‘identification keys’ with photos of the area where the scheduled mollusc are concentrated.

Golden Jubilee celebration of TNEB @ Tuticorin

The golden jubilee celebrations of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) organised by the employees of Tuticorin Thermal Power Station (TTPS), was held with pomp and gaiety here on Tuesday evening.

Inaugurating it, the Collector, R. Palaniyandi, said that the development of TTPS in tandem with the expansion of infrastructure like airport and port over the next few years would catapult the industrial status of Tuticorin to greater heights.

Complimenting the TNEB for its exponential growth registered in 50 years, he said that installed capacity of the Board increased from 256 MW in 1957 (the year of establishment) to 10,098 MW in 2007.

Multi-Facility convention center:
  • Ground Floor Exhibition hall
  • Board room with high tech facilities -video conference & other commn faciliteis
  • conference hall
  • commercial space to rent out

Tuticorin is all set to sport a multi-facility convention centre of international standards.

Estimated to cost Rs. 2 crore, the centre will be built by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry near the entrance to the SIPCOT Industrial Complex situated along NH 45-B connecting Tuticorin and Madurai.

According to D.R. Kodeeswaran, secretary of the chamber, the centre will be housed in an aesthetically designed three-storey edifice with a constructed area of about 12,000 square feet.

The work will be completed in two years from the date of commencement. It is expected to begin shortly.

Funding of the project will be substantially through contributions and sponsorships. “We will have a wall of honour inside the building to display the names of major donors,” he said.

The ground floor will have an exhibition hall and a spacious parking lot.

A state-of-the-art board room with hi-tech facilities, including video conferencing, a 1,000 square feet administrative office with automation and communication facilities, and a conference hall will be established on two floors.

“We have plans to rent out a total of 6,000 square feet of commercial space inside the building to companies/trade houses that have taken our membership,” Mr Kodeeswaran said.

The chamber will set up a landscape in front of the centre to beautify the complex and a lawn in the backyard.

Mr. Kodeeswaran said that the centre would act as a catalyst for exponential growth of the town, providing an ambience conducive for important trade negotiations.

Tatas plan titanium dioxide project in Tuticorin

  • Water through desalination plant , NOT from Tambaraparani river
  • Roads to be 4 laned between the Plant location to Port
  • Provides employment to about 1000 people

Tata Steel on Thursday (28/06/07) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Tamil Nadu Government to revive its proposal to set up a titanium dioxide project in Tuticorin.

The project outlay is about Rs.2,500 crore, Tata Sons Chairman Ratan Tata told presspersons later. “This is a significant project for the Tatas in Tamil Nadu.”

It would provide direct employment to about 1,000 people. The Tatas would also be involved in many social welfare activities in the area, he said.

The project involves mining, mineral separation and value addition to synthetic rutile and titanium pigment.

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) has decided to add a capacity of 2,500MW by augmenting the installed capacity at its existing power stations over the next five years on an investment of Rs 10,000 crore.

The projects include 500MW North Chennai Thermal Power Station (a joint venture with NTPC), Mettur Thermal Power Station (500 MW); Kundah Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project (500 MW) and Tuticorin Thermal Power Project (2x500 MW) in collaboration with NLC. These projects are expected to be completed in 30 months dated 27/06/07

Tuticorin Port to spend Rs 6380 crore

Tuticorin Port proposes to spend Rs 6380 crore during the 11th plan period towards infrastructural development projects - port chairman V K Raghupathy

Of this amount, Rs 3901 crore was for developing the outer harbour, which includes construction of berths and jetties, breakwaters, dredging and reclamation, he said in a press release here.

An amount of Rs 2480 crore was proposed to be spent for the inner harbour development. This would include construction of Berth 9, construction of North Cargo Berth I and II, three shallow draught berths and deepening of channel and basin to cater to 12.80 metres draught vessels, he said.

He said a pre-feasibility study had been carried out on the possibility of building a shipbuilding yard. The Study RPT study was carried out in association with a Chennai based company, which had engaged a Korean consultancy firm. A memorandum in this regard had already been submitted to the public private partnership appraisal committee for in-principle approval, he said He said the Port would also spend Rs 20 crore from its own resources to widen and strengthen roads in and around the port.

Global Warming:
Proposed Mega coal based power plants and the existing power plant in Tuticorin, a major contributor to Global Warming ?

Send your comments to rajeshkumar_j<at>

To boost tourism , a helicoptor service from Madurai to Tuti is planned..

Sea sports complex @ Tuti - Tuticorin chapter of ICC suggested:

The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tuticorin, has urged the municipal administration to augment infrastructure and beautify the town to enhance Tuticorin's potential as an industrial and tourist hub.

To increase tourism potential, a sea sports complex should be established at the waterfront area.It should have speed boats and other vessels for jolly rides, besides facilities for para sailing.

A music fountain and an aquarium should also be established at Roche Park.

MECON bags power plant contract in TN

The Public Sector, Metallurgical and Engineering Consultants (MECON), has bagged contracts for 2 x 500 Mega Watt (MW) Power Plant in Tamil Nadu (TN), which is being promoted jointly by the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) and the State's Electricity Board

MECON would provide detailed engineering and consultancy from concept to commissioning for two units of 500 MW each to be set up at Tuticorin.
Whale washed ashore in Tuticorin
The carcass of a whale washed ashore at Veppalodai coast near here on Sunday evening, was identified as a `Sperm Whale' by a team of scientists from the Fisheries College and Research Institute (FCRI) on Monday.

The study by C. B. T. Rajagopalasamy and N. Jayakumar, professors at FCRI, revealed that the whale had died at least four days ago and hence the species was identified using external characteristics.

V. K. Venkataramani, Dean, FCRI, said the whale belonging to the family of `Physeteridae' had a length of 10 metres and weighed 20 tonnes.

The entire functional teeth, numbering 22 pairs, were in the lower jaw, and the upper jaw has sockets to fit in those teeth.

Cause of death

Regarding the cause of death, Dr. Venkataramani said that the whale might have entered the inshore waters here abundant in juvenile fishes such as sardines, anchovies and cuttle fish.

"Since its body was damaged extensively, there was a possibility of collision with a ship or a boat and getting stranded in the inshore waters which is not deep," he said.

According to him, remote sensing methods should be applied to locate and save the whales, which get stranded in the Gulf of Mannar, since it is an endangered species.

Night landing facility for Tuticorin

Night landing facility at the airport here is set to become a reality, as the Airports Authority of India plans to install Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) and runway lights on an outlay of Rs 1.25 crore.

The installation of PAPI, at a cost of Rs. 25 lakh, is nearing completion and the gadget will become functional before April 15. AAI sources said that it would aid pilots for a safe and accurate final approach to the runway.

The system consists of four boxes of lights, kept on both sides of the runway.

Each box of lights will be equipped with an optical apparatus that splits the light output into red and white segments. Depending on the angle of approach, the lights in the gadget will appear either red or white to the pilot. K. Ramalingam, Regional Executive Director, AAI, said that runway lights would be installed at a cost of about Rs. One crore.

The establishment of night landing facility will enable commencement of late evening flights from here, to suit the convenience of a large section of passengers. 

Tuticorin school gets `virtual classroom' Facility
An `interactive virtual classroom' via an U.S. satellite was launched at Sakthi Vinayagar Hindu Vidyalaya School here on Monday.

This was the first time that the concept was introduced at a school in the district, said K. Palanisamy, school secretary. The system would aid students to interact with education experts in New Delhi and Chennai. The facility was installed in association with Everonn Systems India, New Delhi," Mr Palanisamy said.

Presently, students of Standards XI and XII could attend sessions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. "There will be four 40-minute sessions every day. The facility, expected to improve the students' communication skills and general knowledge, would be extended to other classes during the ensuing academic year in a phased manner Plans were afoot to arrange interactions between students and resource persons from Coimbatore and Madurai too.


Tuticorin port handles record traffic

Tuticorin port handled a record cargo traffic of 180.01 lakh tonnes in the financial year 2006-07, recording an increase of 5.03 per cent compared to last fiscal, port trust chairman N K Raghupathy as said to the reporters.

Last fiscal (2005-06), the port had handled a cargo traffic of 171.39 lakh tonnes, he told reporters here.

Of this year's traffic, imports accounted for 135.02 lakh tonnes and exports 44.99 lakh tonnes.

The record traffic has been achieved despite a decline in the volume of coal imports by Tuticorin thermal power station by 5.38 lakh tonnes and that by 3.44 lakh tonnes of fertiliser raw materials by SPIC, he said.

The average parcel size of vessels increased from 10,993 tonnes to 11,783 tonnes.

The port paid a service tax of Rs 17 crore last fiscal, he said, adding around Rs 109 crore had been allotted to the port for inner-harbour development activities.

Boilers made in Tuticorin to be shipped to Sharjah

Assembled boilers manufactured in Tuticorin are getting ready to be exported through the port here.

On Sunday, two boilers each measuring a length of 16 metres, a height of 8 metres, and weighing 105 tonnes, manufactured by a private unit here were moved from its yard premises to the port.

They will be shipped to the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) in the United Arab Emirates, on April 4.

"The boilers are will used in a desalination plant set up by the SEWA," said B. Pattabhiraman, managing director, G B Engineering Limited, which produced the boilers.

The boilers were transported from the yard to the port on a truck with 10 hydraulic axles and 80 tyres.


35 black bucks, 10 jungle cats and 100 black napped hare @ Vallanadu

A census carried out by the Department of Forest in the Black Buck Sanctuary at Vallanadu near here on Friday, found 35 black bucks, 10 jungle cats and 100 black napped hare.

The survey was carried out using line transect method by dividing the total geographical area of 1,600 acres into 12 different sectors.

"We would publish a final resource inventory only on Sunday, after ascertaining the figures obtained in today's survey through `water hole' census method, to be performed on Saturday," L. Nadhan, District Forest Officer, said.

As many as 24 volunteers, 10 forest officials and two scientists (C. Swaminathan, Professor, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Killikulam, and K. Kandavel, ecologist) took part in the survey.

Mr. Nadhan said that the objective of the exercise was not to assess whether there was an increase in the number of species but to help wildlife protectors plan strategies to develop the habitat.

Sanctuary development

The DFO said that works are under way to augment facilities at the Black Buck Sanctuary, on an outlay of Rs seven lakh sanctioned by the Centre.

Under the project, fencing to a length of three km would be repaired at a cost of Rs 4.5 lakh and height of one of the three watchtowers would be increased by 14 metres at Rs 1.5 lakh.

The remaining amount would be utilised towards improving ponds inside the sanctuary.


Roche park is now a totally neglected park .
  • Non functioning 'Water Fountain'
  • Children play area without any maintenance..broken swings,merry-go-round...
  • Poor lighting in the children play area but well lit lights in the private paid toy bike area
  • Rs.10/- charged for the electronic toy ride like train engine ,horse ride,..(just Rs.2/- outside)
  • Vendors smoking infront of the children
  • Stray dogs problem
It is unfortunate that Tuticorin municipality is not able to maintain the only major park in Tuticorin town limit.


The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged the Railway authorities to provide a "slip coach" for Tuticorin passengers at Vanchi Maniyachi near here for the new Nagercoil-Coimbatore train proposed in the railway budget.

In a memorandum submitted to the General Manager of Southern Railway, the Secretary, D.R. Kodeeswaran, said that a coach from Tuticorin, when added to the main train, would provide consolation to the people, who were denied of services connecting their town with Coimbatore.

Tuticorin Port sets record

Tuticorin Port Trust has set a record in handling 171.89 lakh tonne till 17 March, 2007 surpassing the previous year cargo handling of 171.39 lakh tonne.

        The growth has contributed by several items including container cargo. It is noteworthy that this achievement has been possible despite the fall in thermal coal import by TNEB and raw materials for fertilizers by The Captive Fertilizer Plant.

        Tuticorin Port Trust chairman N K Raghupathy complimented the workers, officers of the Port and users and their employees for making this possible. He expressed confidence that the team work will bring in more laurels to the Port.

courtesy:news today

25/03/2007:The 4 laning activity between Tuti and Tveli is almost stopped and no activity is happening.
This causes great concern and inconvenience for the public.

Sterlite moves its Registered office from Maharastra to Tuticorin

Southern Railway rules out shifting of Tuticorin station

Speaking to The Hindu , Hemant Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager (Madurai division), ruled out the possibility of shifting the railway station to Milavittan.

"We had already invested huge amount to convert the Tuticorin station into a `model station' by carrying out infrastructure development works on a huge outlay during the last few years," he said.

Besides, projects worth Rs one crore are in the pipeline to further enhance the facilities for the comfort of the passengers, including the establishment of a pit lane.

Budget hotel

Mr. Kumar said that a budget hotel would be established by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation near Tuticorin station soon.


To ease the traffic congestion owing to closure of three railway gates in the town, he said the Railways had decided to build flyovers at Railway gate no: 1 and No: 2, on a cost-sharing basis with State Government agencies.

"The construction of a flyover at Railway gate No: 3 is already under way," he said.


Appu Hotels, which owns Le Royal Meridien (part of the US-based Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide), Chennai, is all set to spread its wings down south and is in the process of setting up hotels one each in Coimbatore, Puducherry and Tuticorin.
The company is setting up a Rs 250 crore five-star hotel in Coimbatore and Rs 100 crore apartment hotel in Puducherry. However, it is still scouting for land in Tuticorin for its third hotel, for which investment figures have not yet been finalised.
“The Coimbatore hotel will have around 250 rooms, while the Puducherry apartment hotel and the Tuticorin hotel will have 150 rooms each. We are also planning to increase the total number of rooms by 450 in the three hotels by the end of 2009, with an investment of Rs 350 crore,” said Nalina Saravanan, director- operations, Le Royal Meridien, Chennai.
The Coimbatore and Puducherry properties are expected to be operational by mid-2009. The company is planning to employ about 500 people in Coimbatore, 250-300 in Puducherry and 200 people in Tuticorin.
“We chose Coimbatore as one of the locations for our new hotel because of the emerging IT companies there. As far as Tuticorin is concerned, we believe that the new port that has come up is enough reason for us to set up our hotel there,” she said.


Shooting contest for police begins

Tuticorin: E.M.A. Masanamuthu, Commandant, Tamil Nadu Special Police (TSP) VII Battalion, inaugurated the four-day State Inter-battalion Shooting Championship, organised by the TSP IX Battalion at Manimuthar, near here, on Tuesday.

In all, 408 police personnel from 14 battalions across the State are taking part in the event being held at the Police Shooting Range at Vallanad.

Competitions are held in rifle (100, 200 and 300 yards), pistol revolver (15, 25, 30 and 50 yards), pistol semi-automatic weapons (15, 25, 30 and 50 yards) and carbine machine gun categories, for men and women separately. Antony Johnson Jeyapaul, Commandant (Small Arms) and M.C. Sarangan, Commandant, TSP IX Battalion, were present.

The Inspector General of Police, J.K. Tripathy will distribute the prizes to the winners at the valedictory scheduled for March 16, sources said.

Plan to develop technology for commercial production of lotus

Tuticorin: The Agricultural College and Research Institute at Killikulam, near here, plans to develop a technology for large-scale commercial production of lotus, explore its medicinal properties and the scope of being grown as an indoor plant.

A team under R. Richard Kennedy, Senior Assistant Professor (Horticulture), and C Swaminathan, Associate Professor (Agronomy), will carry out a research in this connection, from next month for whicha sum of Rs.9.2 lakh has been allocated by the National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi.

"As part of the project, we will evolve a scientific procedure to increase rhizome, leaf and seed yield through agronomic manipulations and develop the technique to plant lotus in kitchen gardens," says P. Vivekanandan, Dean, ACRI.

At present, there is a dearth in the availability of good planting materials of high yielding varieties that suits the commercial cultivation. Under the project, the institute will evaluate the properties possessed by different parts of Nelumbo Nucifera (the botanical name of Lotus) plant as a medicine for curing neurological and cardio vascular diseases.

"Tubers were generally perceived to be effective in treatment of cough, scabies and diarrhoea, while seeds possess astringent and aphrodisiac properties and flowers have expectorant qualities in them," says Dr. Kennedy.


Aromatic qualities of the native lotus species will be investigated to give value-addition to the flower, so that growers will be able to fetch better remuneration.

"Oil extracted from lotus flower is in great demand in foreign countries to make perfumes. One kg of purified oil fetches about Rs.1 lakh," Dr Vivekanandan says.


Programme held to explain conservation techniques

The Minister for Animal Husbandry, P. Geetha Jeevan, inaugurated a workshop on `Conservation of marine resources in Gulf of Mannar,' organised by the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve Trust (GOMBRT) here on Friday.

The programme was organised to explain conservation techniques to members of eco development committees functioning in 67 coastal villages in the district.

J.K. Patterson Edward, director, Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute, affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, said that destructive fishing techniques and over exploitation had reduced live coral cover in the region in the last decade.

"Already, reefs over 32 sqkm were degraded," he said.

Similarly, pearl oyster beds and sea cucumbers had been reduced over the last few years, owing to indiscriminate harvesting.

Though awareness among the coastal community had gone up in the past five years, they are yet to give importance to "sustainable harvest."

"A survey conducted along Tuticorin coast in 2001 said that only 29 per cent men and three per cent women know about the importance of corals on fishery production," he said.

However, during a similar survey in 2004, it was found that 80 per cent men and 20 per cent women had gained knowledge on corals.

Ms. Jeevan released a manual, a booklet and a compact disc, which contained details about the status of marine resources in the Mannar region.

The materials tell the readers about endangered creatures, the hunting of which is now prohibited under Wildlife Protection Act.

The Minister also distributed fishing nets to 25 villagers from Pazhayakayal and disbursed revolving fund assistance to the tune of Rs. 2.6 lakh to 13 self-help groups.

The Collector, R. Palaniyandi, and senior forest officials V.K. Melkani, L. Nadhan, V. Naganathan and S. Shembagamoorthy were present.


More women should take up higher education, says Cynthia Pandian -VC MSU

"The youth should never end the learning process with their college days. They should constantly try to amass knowledge, information and wisdom for overall development," Cynthia Pandian, Vice-Chancellor, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, has said.

She was speaking at the 59th College Day celebrations at St. Mary's College here on Wednesday.

Ms. Pandian said that there was a paradigm shift in the objective of education as the nation entered 21st century.

"While we were providing education to prepare students for economic growth in the last century, the focus had shifted to human development," she said. "Every individual should have the wealth of wisdom in him.

Students are now expected to `create' knowledge by synthesising and interpreting the information gathered through Internet and other mass media. Application of knowledge will give birth to wisdom," Ms. Pandian said.

Human development involves improvement of not only technical and manufacturing skills, but also soft skills such as communication, decision-making and problem solving.

Quoting Henry Ford, she said that those who quit learning would become "old," whether he was 20 or 80.

She called upon the students to think beyond geographical boundaries to make them better employable. "Never confine career options to the jurisdiction of a town or a State," Ms. Pandian said.

More women should take up higher education, which was a requirement for 70 per cent of the jobs available in the present day.

"At present, only 40 percent of girl students, who had completed higher secondary school education in the region, were found to have enrolled in colleges under M.S. University," she said.

As opportunities are plenty, it is a pity that only two per cent of women are placed in professional jobs.

Programme explains career opportunities

A seminar-cum-exhibition on career guidance was organised by the Department of Employment and Training at Bishop Caldwell College here on Thursday.

The programme was conducted to provide information to undergraduate and postgraduate students about various career opportunities and courses available.

Inaugurating the programme, Collector R. Palaniyandi said that students should develop communication skills along with technical knowledge to get into well-paid jobs.

The youth should always aim higher rather than being content with a university degree.

"It is time that we enrolled more students into higher education stream as only 10 percent of the children aged between 18 and 23 years in the country have opted for higher studies," he said.

K. Suganthi, Commercial Tax Officer, and Kalaiselvan, District Employment Officer, explained on how to prepare for competitive examinations such as Civil Services Examination conducted to select candidates to Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service.

The students were also told about financial assistance available under schemes such as Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana, which offer loans to educated unemployed youth.

A.C.G. Venantius, Chairman, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Tuticorin branch, answered queries on Chartered Accountancy course.

Information on various career were displayed at an exhibition.

Admission procedure to enter National Defence Academy at Khadakwasla near Pune and Indian Military Academy at Dehradun, were explained.

Details on various value-added courses offered by polytechnics in costume designing were provided.


State Bank of India (SBI) and the Madurai Division of Southern Railway signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) here on Wednesday to install Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) at eight railway stations for the convenience of the public.

Briefing presspersons, N. Sadasivam, Deputy General Manager, SBI, said the ATMs would be installed at Madurai, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Dindigul, Virudhunagar, Kovilpatti, Kodaikanal Road and Ambathurai railway stations within a month. Efforts were on to set up ATMs at Karaikudi and Manapparai.

The bank also plans to set up Internet ticketing kiosks as an additional service to passengers at Madurai, Tirunelveli, Dindigul, Virudhunagar and Tuticorin stations.

Divisional Railway Manager Hemant Kumar said more than 45,000 passengers were using the services of the Madurai Division every day. Madurai Junction alone catered to more than 11,000 commuters each day. He appealed to the bank to consider installing `point of sales swiping machines' in Tuticorin railway station to ensure hassle-free freight transaction.


"Don't shift railway station"

The members of Tuticorin People's Co-ordination Committee, a consortium of various movements and passengers associations, staged a demonstration in front of the railway station here on Tuesday.

They were urging the authorities concerned not to shift the railway station to Milavittan, situated on the outskirts of the town, to reduce the traffic blocks caused due to the closure of railway gate at Ettayapuram road.

"The officials should take steps to expedite the construction of the flyover in the segment, rather than shift the station altogether," they pointed out.

According to the agitators, shifting of the station would pose hardship to passengers since Milavittan was not properly connected to the town by road.

A.P.C.V. Shanmugam, secretary of Tamil Nadu Congress Committee, led the agitation.

Culturals at V.O.C college,Tuticorin

A university-level inter-collegiate cultural competition titled `Sangaram,' organised by the Students Federation of India (SFI), was conducted V.O. Chidamabaram College premises here on Saturday.

In all, 17 colleges affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, took part in the competitions held under seven categories. A Francis, Principal, V.O.C. College, inaugurated the event.


VAT Beneficial to traders

The Department of Information and Public Relations organised a seminar on `Value Added Tax' here on Saturday evening. This was part of the multi-media campaign launched by the district administration to highlight the achievements of the State Government.

Interacting with industrialists and the general public, S. Sukumaran, Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, said that a sum of Rs. 11 crore was generated as VAT revenue from Tirunelveli division, comprising Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar and Kanyakumari districts during January this year, the first month of its inception.

A total of Rs. 22 crore was utilised as input tax credit by registered dealers during January, of which input tax credit availed from the opening stock stood at Rs. 16 crore and the remaining from purchase. "As traders were allowed to take credit of input tax paid at the time of purchase, VAT will not have any cascading effect on prices," he said. V. Balusamy, Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, explained how VAT was beneficial to the traders because of its transparency. "It has been proven in the countries, where VAT was implemented, that there was a heavy flow of revenue to the Government," he said.

The introduction of VAT has facilitated a simplified compounding tax system for the traders who have a turnover less than Rs 50 lakh per annum, by which only 0.5 percent was levied as tax.

The rates of interest under VAT are fixed at one percent, four per cent and 12.5 percent on goods eligible for input tax credit.

A full-fledged VAT is in essence an ad valorem tax levied on the supply chain from production to distribution and retail.

D.R. Kodeeswaran, Secretary, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tuticorin, and A. Deivanayakam, Assistant Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, took part in the discussion.

Spic in cash crunch as bankers, suppliers tighten screws :

The AC Muthiah promoted Southern Petrochemicals and Industries Corporation Ltd (Spic) is in the throes of a crisis due to an acute cash crunch leading to scaling down of production of its key products. The company faces a Catch 22 situation since a cut back in production means less subsidy inflow choking its working capital flow further.

Sources close to the development told FE that the company is in dire straits with no signs of let up from either the lenders or the suppliers. "The company is facing a real crisis as Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has refused to supply naphtha on further credit. This has led to a temporary disruption of production and unless IOC enhances its credit line and repayment time, production would be hit badly", sources said. Despited repeated attempts, company officials were not available for comments.

The management's plan to revive the fortunes of the company by merging its profit making and asset rich subsidiary Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd (TAC) had run into rough weather as IDBI, which is leading the consortium of lenders to TAC had shot down the proposal recently.

The travails of the southern conglomerate started a decade ago when its ambitious petrochemicals project got struck in a legal maze when its partner, public sector Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd., dragged the project to the Madras High Court. Spic had invested close to Rs 555 crore in the stumped project. Attempts to revive the project by offering a majority stake to MRPL in the venture also did not work as the ONGC subsidiary developed cold feet after the initial approval by its board of directors.

It got another jolt recently when its proposed settlement scheme was rejected by lenders since it included a huge write off ranging from 45% to 55% of its outstanding interest. Spic in the past had divested most of its non-core business including plantation, biotechnology and LPG businesses to keep its bottomline in black


recent budget did not bring much cheer to southern districts.No new trains were introduced.The much expected train service to Coimbatore is yet a distant dream.

Reduction in the import duty reduces the cost involved in procuring the dredgers required for sethu canal dredging.Hence the cost involved could reduce and hence could speed up the operatrion as well.


National Volleyball league

Tuticorin is one of the three centres, for conducting the preliminary round-1 in the National Volleyball league championship for men and women this year. The other two centres will be Hindalco, Renukoot (U.P) and Payyanoor Kerala.

The National league volleyball championship (Preliminary Round - 3) will be conducted at the temporary stadium at the Seena Vaana Government High School ground, Tuticorin from Feb. 27 to March 4.

New Record !!

The Tuticorin Port Trust has handled 3,22,255 TEUs (Twentifoot Equivalent Unit) of containers in the current financial year till February 16, surpassing 3,21,060 TEUs of containers handled during the entire last fiscal, registering 15.63 percent growth.

Official sources said that this was the highest volume of containers handled in the history of the port.

Similarly, the port has handled 156.82 lakh tonnes of cargo between April 1 and February 16 this fiscal, against 151.78 lakh tonnes of cargo handled during the corresponding period during the last financial year, registering a growth of 5.04 lakh tonnes.


Masked Crab - Rare Find

The Fisheries College and Research Institute (FCRI) here has recorded `Corystes cassivelaunus,' a reddish brown `masked crab,' for the first time along the Indian coast in the Gulf of Mannar.

Belonging to the family of Corystidae, the species was traced by a team headed by T. Vaitheeswaran, a research fellow at the institute, at a depth of 100 metres. They were conducting an underwater survey to assess crab biodiversity in the Gulf of Mannar this week.

"The crab found was a female, measuring four cm weighing nine gm. It was identified by its elongated oval carapace, which is brown in colour," V.K. Venkataramani, FCRI Dean said.

The species is usually found in temperate waters along British and French coast. "It lays eggs on sandy beaches and feeds on invertebrates such as polychaete worms and bivalve mollusks," he said.

The females carry eggs for about 10 months and have the capability to reproduce for several years.


Tuticorin Railyway station is currently located in the older part of the town,near to sea shore.This runs across the town dividing the town into two causing inconvenience to the public.

It was decided to construct underpass and over bridge to avoid this problem.Work for constructing an over bridge started almost 5yrs back over 3rd gate.

But now,local congress party led a protest to move the station to Sipcot,which is 7km from the current location.

But the local people in the older part of the town and the local AIADMK leaders wants to retain the station in the same location.

This issue got more visibility now and the people are hoping to get a solution soon.

  • Tuti port demolished a storage shed as the private company's license expired
THOOTHUKUDI: The Food Corporation of India, Thoothukudi, recently sought diversion of a ship carrying wheat imports for it to the Chennai Port from the Tuticorin Port. The communication had some accusing fingers pointed at the TPT.

In his message to the FCI Executive Director (South), the Assistant General Manager of the corporation recommended diversion of the vessel mv YICK WING from Tuticorin Port to Chennai Port “...due to the active North East Monsoon, non-availability of required covered accommodation at Tuticorin Port, including a transit shed, and the non-cooperation of the port trust authorities to FCI.”

It was also stated that the TPT was adamant on imposing Penal Berth Hire charges on the FCI stevedoring contractor, though the vessel was discharged within the ‘free time’.

The communication was forwarded to the FCI headquarters in New Delhi with some additions.

The Executive Director, in his message, stated that the TPT lacked covered storage facilities and added: “The vessel can be unloaded in Chennai Port without any difficulty as we are getting the required help and cooperation from the Chennai Port Trust authorities.”

These messages from the FCI officials prompted the Tenkasi MP, M Appadurai, to write to the Union Minister for Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution. Later, the MP too sought an order to divert the vessel to the Chennai Port, “considering the ground realities”.

Meanwhile, M/s Vicnivaas, a stevedoring agency, also came out complaining of the lack of storage facilities at the Tuticorin Port. According to sources in the company, the TPT management recently dismantled a shed that was on the land the company had taken on lease but failed to renew.

While the company defined the act as one borne out of personal enmity, the absence of the shed certainly did not help the TPT.

When this website's newspaper’s correspondent contacted TPT chairman N K Regupathy for his comments, he received a stock reply, “I am busy”.

However, a TPT official, requesting anonymity, told this website's newspaper that the letters by FCI-Thoothukudi and Tenkasi MP Appadurai had not come to the notice of the TPT authorities.

On the allegations about the lack of covered storage facilities at the port, the officer said the port had six godowns and two transit sheds that would be judiciously allotted among the private cargo handling agencies and the FCI.

Normally only about 20-30 percent of the storage space available at the port was in constant use, aided by prompt clearance of stored cargo. Nevertheless, this year a problem arose due to the bulk arrival of 6.21 lakh tonnes of wheat imported by the FCI during the last five months of 2006 as against the nil import of wheat during the same period the previous year.

The cargo took up 80 percent of the storage space and had not been cleared due to which TPT had to levy Penal Berth Hire on the stevedoring agency, explained the officer.

Commenting on the removal of the storage shed erected by Vicnivaas, the official clarified that it was only a temporary shed.

The structure was pulled down as the company’s licence period had expired and as per the port rules, while surrendering the land, the licensee should remove any temporary structure on it, the official said.

He, however, admitted that the FCI allegations should be given serious consideration as it could affect the business volume of Tuticorin port.

French luxury liner calls on Tuticorin port

Giving a fillip to tourism in the region, m.v. Le Levant, a French luxury cruise liner, arrived with 64 tourists (59 Americans, one German, three Britons and an Indian) and 53 crew members onboard, at Tuticorin port on Monday.

Designed for elite group of discerning cruise travellers, the 100-metre long vessel was equipped with 45 cabins over five decks and it has a shallow draught of 3.5 metres, allowing her to move close to the shore and sail through inland waterways.

Red carpet welcome

The Tuticorin Port Trust officials gave a red carpet welcome to the tourists at the berth.

The entire visitors then embarked upon a sightseeing trip to historic and ancient places in Madurai in luxury coaches, en route to Chennai.

"The tourists will board the vessel back at Chennai on February 8 and the voyage will continue to Visakhapattinam and Paradip, before culminating the trip at Kolkatta on February 14", L. Deepak Mark, Assistant Manager, GAC Shipping Limited, vessel agents of Le Levant, told The Hindu.

Of the 64 tourists arrived here, 53 had boarded the ship when it touched the Indian coast at Mumbai on January 29, after it had sailed in from Muscat.


Shobana dazzles Tuticorin with eclectic performance

With a vibrant dance performance, Shobana, a national-award winning actress and danseuse, kept the audience spellbound at Abirami Mahal here on Sunday.

A disciple of Chitra Visweswaran and Padma Subramaniam, she presented a blend of dance forms at `Dance Fusion,' a programme organised by Kerala Samajam, Tuticorin chapter.

The programme started with a performance titled `Anjali' with music composed by violin maestros Ganesh and Kumaresh. Ms Shobana and her troupe followed it with a few numbers describing Shiva.

The recital of traditional `Kailasavasa Varnam,' with the lyrics in Malayalam, was eclectic and the dancers performed it with consummate ease. A powerful inner rhythm guiding her, Shobana recited `Shyama', one of her offerings.

The one-and-a-half hour show ended with a dance played to the tune of `Vande Mataram,' composed by A. R. Rahman.

Judge from Germany gains an insight into judicial system

Raimund Scherr, a judge from the constitutional court of Germany, completed a two-day visit to the town here on Monday, as part of a project to study the judicial and criminal justice system in this part of the country.

He made a surprise visit to the North police station on Sunday and exchanged information with the police officials.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (Town sub-division), Mohammed Ghori, explained to the German judge how a First Information Report (FIR) was registered soon after the occurrence of a crime.

Mr. Scherr told the police officials that top priority was given to human rights by the police and the judicial system in Germany.

He explained to them the procedures followed in the criminal justice system there.

On Monday morning, he visited the District Court complex and Tuticorin Bar Association office and interacted with the District Judge P. Gokul Das, Chief Judicial Magistrate Prabhudas, Judicial Magistrates and senior lawyers.

Team from Japan lands in Tuticorin :

A five-member technical team from Pan Pacific Copper, Japan, visited the town recently to study the industrial practices followed here.

They held an interaction with top officials from Sterlite Copper, an industrial house situated at SIPCOT Industrial Estate off Tuticorin-Madurai Highway.

Kishore Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Sterlite Industries (I) Limited, explained to foreign delegates the safety, quality, human resources and environment norms followed by the company to comply with international market specifications.

In return, the Japanese team shared their experience in the manufacturing of refined copper and precious metals since the company was established by Nippon Mining and Metals and Mitsui Mining and Smelting in October 2000.

They explained how the firm tapped the potential for copper in East Asia as the demand rose in tandem with the economic development of the region over the last few years.

The Sterlite officials - A. Thirunavukkarasu, senior vice-president, Ramesh Nair, vice-president and Sushil Gupta, Chief Financial Officer - took part in the discussion.


Groynes planned along Tuticorin Coastal:

The Public Works Department (PWD) will put up groynes at three coastal hamlets in the southern districts of Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari. This will be on a total outlay of Rs 15.18 crore from the State exchequer to protect the villages from sea erosion.

Official sources said that the groynes would come up at Threspuram in Tuticorin district, one of the busiest fishing hamlets in the State, Idinthakarai in Tirunelveli district and Enayam Puthanthurai in Kanyakumari district.

The construction would commence next fiscal (2007-08) and be completed within 12 months.

Of the total cost, Rs 6.41 crore was earmarked for Threspuram, Rs 5.62 crore for Idinthakarai and Rs 3.15 crore for Kanyakumari district.

Stones of different sizes would be used for the construction, making it permeable. It would be laid in `bedding,' `core,' `armour' and `toe mount' layers, complying with international standards.

These structures, resembling hockey sticks, would deflect high velocity currents, the sources said.


Seminar on Career Guidance - by Bangalore Pearl's

Around 60 Students from various department of Caldwell College attended the seminar conducted by Bangalore Pearls, a group which has native Tuticorians working in Bangalore.

What kind of opportunities are available for science students in the IT field and What is the expectation by the Industry from the students were been discussed.

Students were given Tips in Resume preparing and Interview facing skills. Mock Interview session was also been conducted.

Earlier college principal,Mrs.Sophia welcomed the Bangalore pearl's group and advised the students to make use of the opportunity.


The Tuticorin Port Trust planned to develop the outer harbour at a cost of Rs.4,350 crore and establish a shipbuilding yard on the port premises on an outlay of Rs.1,400 crore to augment port activities, said N.K. Raghupathy, Chairman, Tuticorin Port Trust.

He was interacting with students and teachers of Government Higher Secondary School, Vilathikulam, and K.G.S. Arts College, Srivaikundam, who visited the port to see facilities on Sunday.

The chairman said that the deepening of harbour basin and channel, to be carried out as part of the development projects, would enable the port to handle vessels up to 12.8 metre draught from the present 10.7 m draught.

"As part of the inner harbour development project, Berth 9 would be constructed, besides carrying out dredging in the area."

On the shipbuilding yard project, he said a Korea company conducted a feasibility study.


Tonight a 19 member team from Huwaii will be performing the famous Hula dance at Subbaiah Vidyalaya school auditoriam. The same team will perform again in St.Mary's college on 22nd.


Minister Mrs. Geetha Jeevan laid the foundation stone for the Indoor shuttle stadium near Theppa kulam in Tuticorin.


Port sets record in cargo handling , by unloading 13,811 tonnes of Muriate Potash (MOP) from a vessel in a single day.Previous recoed was 10,431 metric tonnes.

"A healthy person can donate 350 ml of blood once in three months"

An awareness rally on `blood donation' organised by the District Family Welfare Bureau under the Department of Medical Services was taken out here on Wednesday.

The Superintendent of Police, John Nicholson, flagged off the rally, which commenced at the Rajaji Park and culminated near the Cruz Fernando statue.

College students, carrying candles and placards, with message on the importance of blood donation, constituted the rally.

Subbulakshmi, Joint Director of Medical Services, said the rally was organised to disseminate the information of how `safe blood', that was procured through voluntary donation, would be useful in saving another person's life.

"We also told the public that anyone who was above the age of 18 years and below 60 years could donate blood, provided he or she was not infected with diseases like hepatitis `B', AIDS, malaria or jaundice," she said.

She said a healthy person could donate 350 ml of blood (one unit) once in three months.

Aliyar Liaquat Ali, Deputy Director of Health Services, participated.


Centre urged to increase draught at Tuticorin port

The Tuticorin port handling agents' association, the Tuticorin custom house agents' association and the Tuticorin ship agents' association has urged the Centre to increase the draught available at the berths in Tuticorin port to facilitate the handling of bigger vessels.

In a joint memorandum submitted to the Union Ministry of Shipping recently, the associations demanded that the draught be increased from the present 10.7 metre to 12.8 metre at the earliest. Any further delay would leave the port lagging behind other `players' in the sector.

The Centre must expedite the completion of outer harbour development works to attract more number of deep draught vessels and mother vessels to the port. It should be ensured that the draught was not less than 14 to 16 metres. It would avoid dredging at a later stage with extra mobilisation of funds.

The development of the hinterland of the port and the airport at Vagaikulam was essential for the integrated development of the port and the town.

The associations highlighted the importance of completing the four-lane works on the Tuticorin-Tirunelveli and Tuticorin-Madurai national highways sector on a war footing. "It would enhance the speed of outward and inward cargo movement at the port," they said.

Similarly, the road connecting Tuticorin with Kochi via Shencottah, Punalur and Kollam should be developed to improve the connectivity between the two major ports situated at Tuticorin and Kochi. All these developments would have a direct bearing on the economic growth of the port here.


Garbage disposed in front of Tuticorin Stadium:

Unclean, filthy , stink welcomes the sports lovers and morning joggers infront of Tuticorin Stadium.

1) Develop Lawns in front of the stadium - Schools / industries can take responsible to maintain
2)Advice the nearby residents to strictly follow the garbage disposal mechanism which is collected every morning in door steps

"VAT will simplify tax structure" dated 28/12/2006:

Tuticorin : Minister for Animal Husbandry P. Geeta Jeevan said the introduction of Value Added Tax in the State from January 1 will not have any cascading effect on prices, since traders were allowed to take credit of input tax paid at the time of purchase.

Delivering the inaugural address at the workshop on `VAT,' organised by the district administration here on Wednesday, she said that the introduction of VAT will facilitate a simplified compounding tax system for the traders who have a turnover of less than Rs.50 lakh per annum, by which only 0.5 per cent would be levied as tax.

"The VAT will also rationalise and simplify the tax structure currently followed under the TNGST (Tamil Nadu General Sales Tax) regime, so that only three rates of interest will exist, unlike the multiple slabs varying from one to 20 per cent in the present taxation system," she added.

The rates of interest under VAT are fixed at one per cent, four per cent and 12.5 per cent on goods eligible for input tax credit.

Ms. Jeevan said if any industrial unit purchases machineries after January 1, 2007, from within the State, they will be eligible to set off the tax paid on those capital goods at the time of selling `taxable produces'.

According to her, the introduction of VAT regime will be of immense benefit to exporters and jewellers.

The exporters will be subjected to `zero rating tax' under VAT. "Moreover, all the input tax paid at the time of purchase will be refunded," the Minister said.

For jewellery sector, there will be a uniform one per cent tax.

She assured the traders that tax concessions given to certain items such as pulses, grains and oil under the TNGST regime would be continued in the VAT scheme.

Under the VAT, the Government has decided to increase the limit for registration and the basic tax exemption limit, both from the present Rs.3 lakh to Rs.10 lakh.

Answering the queries of traders, S. Sukumaran, Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, said the public need not have to be skeptical about VAT, since the system had already been implemented successfully in many countries. Collector R. Palaniyandi, and Deivanayakam, Assistant Commissioner (Commercial Taxes), were present.

Tuticorin Beach

The Camp II beach in Tuticorin is considered to be clean and neat compared to the other coastal line in Tuticorin.But unfortunatly due to bad maintanence , even this beach is losing its beauty.

-Port Authority, which is maintaining this beach should place enough dust bins
-Small vendors should carry their own dust bin and advice their customers to use it
-Vistitors should have their own consious not to pollute the beach

Let us keep our beach clean and learn to enjoy the nature in its beauty -

Yarn from banana waste made possible

K. Murugan (34), a native of Tuticorin, is elated as his invention has received recognition.

The young engineer, who presently runs a business in Tuticorin, was awarded `L-Ramp Award of Excellence-2006' instituted by Lemelson Foundation, USA, and Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, for developing `banana silk yarn separator.'

He received the award, which included a citation and a cash of Rs. 20,000, a few days ago from the Director of IIT-Madras, Anand.


The instrument developed by Mr. Murugan is expected to give value-addition to banana growers to make silk yarn from banana pseudo stem, which is usually discarded as waste.

The Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology in Mumbai, functioning under the ambit of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which put the instrument to test, has in its report stated that fibres produced out of it was uniform.

It has also observed that the average linear density of fibres was 9 text (a unit to measure tensile stress), which falls on the coarser side.

The average linear density of the fibres produced out of the instrument was computed as 37 gm / text and the overall quality of the fibres extracted was stated to be good.

Mr. Murugan, who had secured provisional patent for his invention, told The Hindu that he plans to take a full-fledged patent soon from Intellectual Property India.

09/12 / 2006

The State Government’s appeal to the Central Government to develop the existing Colachel fishing harbour in Kanyakumari district into an international transshipment hub port has created apprehension among the business community here over the prospects of Tuticorin Port being severely affected or minimised to a considerable extent.

The expansion plan of the inner harbour and the outer harbour of the Tuticorin Port in a phased manner at a cost of Rs 4571.75 crore under the National Maritime Development Project (NMDP)-Phase I and II-will further enhance the port’s infrastructure.

Though some members of the Tuticorin Hub Port Development Council (THPDC) concede that Colachel has some advantages like the natural depth of about 15- meter-draft and the minimal distance from the major sea routes, they say that it cannot be a better choice than the Tuticorin Port, which receives more mainline vessels from Europe and the US next only to the Mumbai Port.

According to an expert study undertaken by Tuticorin Port Trust, a copy of which is available with ‘The New Indian Express,’ among Chennai, Cochin, Tuticorin, Colachel and Vizhinjam ports, Tuticorin Port has the best chance, followed by Chennai and Cochin, to be developed into a transshipment port in South India.

Even in terms of the network of established services, hinterland, connectivity (including the ongoing projects) and the existence of established port facilities, Tuticorin had an edge over any other port in the south, it said.

The study further revealed that weather played an important part in Tuticorin Port scoring over the proposed Colachel Port. The sea off Colachel was rough and unstable by nature, unlike off Tuticorin Port. During the tsunami havoc two years ago, no big damage was caused to Tuticorin Port whereas Colachel was one of the worst tsunami-hit areas in the country, the study further stated.

The only advantage of the Colachel Port was its strategic location on the east-west sea routes, it said.

Though the members brushed aside the advantage, they did not rule out the possibility of development of Coalcehl into a port becoming detrimental to the interests of the Tuticorin Port as the construction of the Navha Sevah Port affected the business prospects of the Mumbai Port.

CPM district secretary Kanagaraj, whose party in Kanyakumari district is lobbying for the Colachel Port, said the importance being given to setting up an international transshipment port at Colachel would create a favourable situation to Vizhinjam for which the Kerala Government was lobbying hard.

Colachel, being situated within 40km from Vizhinjam Port, too would be another advantage for Kerala’s claim for making Vizhinjam a transshipment port,’ Kanagaraj claimed.

“Colachel fishing harbour, which is located very close to the residential area, could at best be a modern fishing harbour”, he observed.

The sea off Colachel is rough and unstable by nature, unlike the one off Tuticorin Port
Tirunelveli (+119 per cent); Nilgiris (+87 per cent); and Tuticorin (+84 per cent) topped the `excess' list in further indication that the rainfall was concentrated in the southern districts so far during the season

Tuticorin posts record cargo handling in Nov

The Tuticorin Port Trust (TPT) has created a record in November, handling 18.03 lakh tonnes of cargo in a single month, according to an official press release.

The previous record was 16.03 lakh tonnes handled inAugust, 2005.

The port also created a new record on November 30, by unloading 6,013 tonnes of urea in bulk at Berth No. IV from the vessel, m.v. Pessada, in a single day, the release added.

courtesy:businessline , dated 06/12/2006

New building for ICAI to be inaugurated on Dec. 8 dated 07/12/2006:

A newly constructed `ICAI Bhawan', official house of the Tuticorin branch of the Southern India Regional Council (SIRC) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), will be inaugurated here on December 8.

Speaking to media persons here on Wednesday, S. Krishnan, chairman, ICAI, Tuticorin branch, said the two-storied edifice, constructed on a total plinth area of 4,000 square feet, would house state-of-the-art facilities such as a hi-tech computer laboratory with 10 personal computers, board room with teleconferencing equipment, a library and a study room.

Besides, there was a 125-seater air-conditioned auditorium and a conference hall fitted with audio-visual gadgets, set up inside the ICAI Bhawan. Rendering value-addition, a communication laboratory was established in the building, to improve the communication skills of the CA students to make them employable.

"Since the establishment of the Tuticorin branch of the ICAI on October 1, 1990, we were functioning from rented premises and hence, we decided to move to own building, so that more number of refresher training courses for the practicing chartered accountants and the students who were pursing Chartered Accountancy could be conducted frequently," Mr. Krishnan said.

He said the institute had plans to raise its membership to 100 and would give Chartered Accountancy training to 300 students at any given point of the year, all by 2010.


One-Day District level Science Exhibition

A one-day district-level science exhibition conducted by the Department of Education was held at Subbiah Vidhyalayam Girls Higher Secondary School auditorium here on Wednesday.

In all, students from 30 schools under Tuticorin and Kovilpatti educational districts exhibited their inventions and scientific findings.

S. Shivasankar, S. Vijay and S. Vijayaraj, all students of Nadar Higher Secondary School, Kovilpatti, displayed the `satellite controlled train', developed by them.

They demonstrated how the train could be controlled from an earth station, situated far away from the tracks, by means of signals transmitted through satellite.

"With the help of cameras fitted on the front of the train, the person in control at the earth station could see the railway track lying ahead of the running train easily," the students explained.

Students of Government Girls HSS, Kayalpattinam, showed the visitors how petrol could be produced using the plastic and bio-medical wastes. They explained that a certain quantity of the wastes heated at 400 degree Celsius would produce a crude material, which again should be heated and treated by fractional distillation, to produce petrol. A gigantic model of geo-stationary synchronous satellite demonstrated by the students of Lakshmi Mills HSS, Kovilpatti, and a model of solar city, prepared by SPIC Nagar HSS, Tuticorin, attracted crowd.

The merits and demerits of Thermal power station was explained by students of St. Thomas Matriculation and HSS, Tuticorin. Earlier, the District Educational Officer, Bright Xavier, inaugurated the exhibition. Pappusundari, Headmistress, Subbiah Vidhyalayam HSS, was present.
courtesy: dated 07/12/2006

( dated 03/12/2006:)
The tardy execution of four-laning of the National Highway 7A, which connects the Tuticorin Port to north-south corridor of the National Highway Development Project at V.M. Chatram in Tirunelveli, causes concern among the industrial fraternity and technocrats.

"We are now trying to expedite disbursement of compensation to the owners of lands, houses and commercial establishments, which were to be acquired for the widening of the road, so that the entire four laning would be completed before December 31,2007," the sources said.

But technocrats and industrialists have doubt over the NHAI's new claim.

"It's hard to believe that they will be able to evacuate 20 temples, 200 edifices, and shift about 50 kilometres of pipeline and about 1,000 electric poles, before four-lane the entire stretch, all within next 12 months."

Raja Sankaralingam, president, SIPCOT Industrialists Association, feels that delays in the road infrastructure projects will have cascading effect on the industrial potential of Tuticorin, as it remains one of the best transportation modes of cargo movement, both inward and outward from the port.

"The speedier execution of road projects will also attract more capital to the town faster," he adds.



Tuticorin Medical college is planning to construct hospital which will be the extension of the current Govt. Hospital. The location chosen as of now is Rajaji Park which is known as Water Tank situated near the current Govt. Hospital .Other location for the construction is near to the Medical college.

As per the All India Medical Councel ,hospital has to be situated near the college . we hope and wish the hopital is constructed near to the College.

Already we lost Evans Park to All India Radio, opp. to VOC College.

02/12/2006: courtesy dated 30/11/2006:
Emphasis on conservation of coral reefs

An exhibition on `Marine life and environment,' organised by the East Coast Research and Development, a non-governmental organisation, was held on the premises of St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School here on Wednesday.

Students from 13 schools, situated in and around Tuticorin, displayed photos and models depicting the importance of conservation of coral reefs, sea turtles, endangered fish species and other sea animals.

The representations of the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere enthralled the visitors. A film on marine life and coral reef eco system in the Gulf of Mannar was shown to the children, as part of the expo. Earlier, Ahilan, Professor, Fisheries College and Research Institute, inaugurated the exhibition.

27/11/2006: dated 26/11/2006
Deployment of artificial reefs along Tuticorin coast begins

The Department of Fisheries has commenced the deployment of 400 artificial reefs in the inshore waters along the Tuticorin coastline on Saturday, to protect the biodiversity and augment the fish population in the Gulf of Mannar.

The artificial reefs made of concrete structures that `caricature' the coral reefs were placed at two places, which were identified by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).

"The inshore waters about 10-12 km from Vellapatti village and at about 10 kms from Vembar village, both at a depth of 8.5 metres, were selected as sites for deployment," Collector R Palaniyandi told.

On the choice of sites, H.M. Kasim, Principal Scientist, CMFRI, said "sunrays effectively touch the sea bottom only in the inshore waters, which was essential for the primary production of single cell algae and secondary production of micro organisms, on the reef structures, that subsequently act as source for food and breeding for fish."


Air Deccan plans to introduce additional flight to Tuticorin . It requested improved lighting facility at the airport for night landing facility.
Fight Mosquitos with TAC's bio-larvicide: (Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals)

Alkali Chemicals and Fertilisers (TAC), part of the Spice group, has envisaged a good market for its eco-friendly bio-pesticides for killing at the larvae stage itself the mosquitoes responsible for spreading diseases like chikungunya , dengue, malaria, filaria and Japanese encephalitis.

TAC managing director S Chandramohan told media persons that bio-larvicide (TACBIIO-Bti ) is a proven product and its successful commercial usage in various parts of the country has found it highly effective for destroying mosquito larvae.
-courtesy:Economic Times dated oct28th
Govt. has approved the procurement of X-ray and mobile Gamma ray container scanners for Mumbai ,Chennai,Tuticorin and kandla ports.
courtesy:Economic Times dated Oct 28th,2006.

R.Kasthuri Thangam from DMK is elected as the Tuticorin Municipal Chairman.

Tuticorin received heavy rainfall today Morning.

Activity of 4-laning of Tuticorin - Tirunelveli is almost stopped for the past few months. Reason for this is not clear.Meanwhile today in Tuticorin collectorate collector gave away money to whom they have given their land for this expansion. The actual expected date of completion is September 2006.


Rain continues to lash Tuticorin for the past couple of days . Rain waters gets stagnated in many places exposing the poor infrastructure.Rain is expected for another 24 hrs.

Need of Tuticorin : Local Council Election

Tuticorin goes into poll today to elect their local ward counciler's.Promises are encouraging but turning that into action will be greatly apprecaited.

1)Undergroudn Drainage system :

This been discussed for the past many years but not much progress.

2)Proper Drinking water supply

3)Proper Waste management

4)Good Roads

5)Early completion of 3rd gate over bridge

6)Boat house at Roche park

7)Maintanence of Rajaji park for public use

8)Collective bus stand

Not much progress is been made in the construction of Tuticorin - T.veli 4 way lane.

Shipyard planned for Tuticorin:

Tuticorin Port Trust plans to establish a shipbuilding yard on its premises, to be built on build-operate-transfer (BOT) or lease basis.

Korea Maritime Consultants Company Limited, which conducted a feasibility study, submitted its report to the port authorities

The yard would have a building dock of 1,279.5 ft. in length, 213 ft. in breadth and 32.8 ft. in height and five berths with a total length of 3,937 ft

About 60,000 to 66,000 tons of steel meant for shipbuilding would be handled at the yard in a year dated 14/09/2006

Infrastructure Development - DELL Manufacturing unit - Connect Cochin

The infrastructure development in and around Tuticorin is essential to create a good investment climate.
Incentives to Hardware manufactuing unit should be provided.Similarly more incentive should be given to agro based industries as well.Also , to tap the potential of pudhiyamputhur , an apprael park should be established.

Recently DELL announced to set up its Manufacturing unit near Chennai.Though Tuticorin has excellent infrastructure facility, it is unfortunate that there is not much encouragement from the state government to consider/recommend Tuticorin for DELL's investment.

Continuous improvent in the infrastructure facility is required.Tuticorin Port should be connected with Cochin Port through rail .

Existing industrial estate has to be expanded.Tuticorin-Madurai should be made 6 lane soon.

World conference on Ornamental fish !!
Tuticorin Kamaraj college profesor,MR.Sakthivel is been invited to China for the World Conference on ornamental fish.Research scientist from 53 countries are expected to attend this conference. dated 10/09/2006

04/09/ dated 04/09/2006:
Tuticorin college wins quiz contest

The team from Tuticorin Medical College topped the inter-district quiz finals, "India Quiz - 2006", held at Srimathi Indira Gandhi College on Sunday, conducted by the Rotary Club of Tiruchi Midtown. The immediate runner-up was for the team from Gandhigram Rural Institute, Dindigul.

The initial round revolved around the Indian Vedic period, which proved to be a sure bet for all the teams. Questions such as `which is the world's largest satellite system? (INSAT)', `who was the first to propose the law of gravity? (Bhaskaracharya in his book `Suryasiddhantham')' and `who was the first to use a rocket in warfare? (Tipu Sultan)' proved to be a greater challenge for students.

Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College, Tiruchi and VVV College, Sivakasi got past the first round but Tuticorin Medical College took charge of rest of the rounds.

The quizmaster S. Muralidharan of SMD Consultancy, Coimbatore, impressed the audience with a lot of extra information.

Each of the winners, S. Maniram Krishna and S. Bharani Velan, from Tuticorin Medical College were awarded a LG laptop computer and the first runner-up team, A. Balaji and Kuldip Gyaneshwar, from Gandhigram Rural Institute walked away with Nokia communicative mobiles.

With a participation of one-lakh students from 125 colleges, various rounds were conducted at the respective districts. The district finals was held at Campion Anlgo-Indian Higher Secondary School following which six teams were selected from the semi-finals conducted at P. S. N. A. Engineering College, Dindigul.

The chief guest of the occasion was the All India Co-Convener of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, S. Gurumurthy and the District Governor, RI District 3000, M. Rajasekaran distributed the prizes to the teams.

Tuticorin chosen for adult literacy award dated 3rd september,2006

Collector R. Palaniyandi will receive the `Satyan Maitre Memorial National Literacy Award,' instituted by the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development, from Vice-President Bhairon Singh Shekawat in New Delhi on September 8.

Official sources said the district was one of the five in the country to get the award for outstanding performance in adult education under the National Literacy Mission during 2003-06.

The other districts are Kollam in Kerala, Kadappa in Andhra Pradesh, Chand-lang in Arunachal Pradesh and Hanumangarh in Rajasthan.

The award was instituted in 1996, in memory of Satyan Maitre, an educationist from West Bengal, who dedicated his life to adult education.


M T Tuticorin, a new tug built at a cost of Rs 25.64 crore was inducted in to service at Thoothukudi port, on Tuesday.

Chairman of Tuticorin Port Trust, NK Raghupathy inaugurated operations of the boat, at a function organised at the port. Speaking on the occasion, he said, ‘‘it is the first time that a tug vessel with capacity to haul in 40- tonne vessels has been added for operation under the Tuticorin Port Trust.’’

The tug, which should have been inducted into service this March, was delayed due to the tsunami and other factors, he added. Describing the unique feature of the tug vessel, he said, the two other tugs existing with the port have the capacity to pull cargo vessels 265 metres long, while the new tug vessel can pull cargo vessels up to 300 metres in length.

He further said that the tug was equipped with fire fighting devices and special machines and that it could also be used as in rescue operations at sea.

Among its other features, the tug been fitted out with a Voith Schneider Propulsion (VST) system that allows greater maneuverability in all directions, he said.

The tug was designed by TEBMA Shipyards limited and her ‘vital statistics’ include: Pollard Pull-45 ton, Max Speed-12 knots, Length-32 metre, Breath-10.65 metre, Depth-4.7 metre and Draught-5.3 metre A demonstration of the fire fighting ability of the tug was demonstrated following the commissioning of the vessel.


Fencing - taking roots in Tuticorin:

One more sport has taken roots in Tuticorin. When highly enthusiastic boys and girls of Under 17 Category clad in a different outfits span the steel blades in air on Wednesday, the spectators, who hitherto saw the sport only on television sets, had a feel of fencing for the first time.

To promote and popularise this sport in Tuticorin district, the Superintendent of Police, J.Y. Nicholson, who actually introduced fencing in Tirunelveli also when he was the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Tirunelveli, decided to conduct the 4th State-level U-17 fencing competitions here.

And his invitation elicited tremendous response from students across the State, as 250 students from 21 districts participated in the three-day event.

The winners of this competition will represent Tamil Nadu in the national-level meet to be held at Guwahati, Assam, between August 24 and 27.

"Since Tamil Nadu won the championship in the last edition of the national-level meet held at Kozhikode, Kerala, we'll go all out to defend the title this time also," said the general secretary of Tamil Nadu Fencing Association, D. Nagappan.

courtesy:thehindu.comd dated 15/08/2006:
Corporation status to Tuticorin
Official sources told The Hindu that a comprehensive proposal seeking Corporation status would be sent to the Government only after studying the possibilities of mergers with the local bodies situated adjacent to the municipal limits.

It is necessitated, owing to the fact that the municipality alone does not have adequate population and income needed for the attaining the status.

"To get the status, population should be more than five lakh and income from property taxes, professional taxes etc., should exceed Rs.30 crore."

However, the population in the municipal limit stands at 2.16 lakh as per the 2001 census and the income is Rs.15 crore.

Following is the extract from dailythanthi: dated 15/08/2006:

By including the following uratchi areas ,population can reach,3,76,530 .

Tuticorin rural
Total area: 127.66 sq km
Population: 3,76,530
Income: 22cr

14/08/2006: dated 14/08/2006:

Buckle Channel:

The State Government will revive the historic Buckle Channel passing through Tuticorin on a war footing, where free flow of water is blocked now, according to M.K. Stalin, Minister for Local Administration.

Speaking to reporters here on Sunday, he said desilting and de-weeding would be carried out wherever it was found necessary, after a study.

"Moreover, we will lay blacktop roads along both sides of the five-km channel, which was constructed to drain rainwater from the town to the sea, and beautify its surroundings."

12/08/2006: dated 12/08/2006

Pearl Pex-2006, a two - day philately exhibition organised by the Pearl City Philatelic Association (PCPA) got off to a colourful start here on Saturday.

Thousands of stamps released by different countries were on display in a theme-based manner.To take visitors down the memory lane, stamps depicting a fresco found in Cathedral of St. John Lateran in Rome and pictorial post cards of North Western Railway issued in 1935, were some of the attractions.

Umpteen stamps released by different nations to commemorate the centenary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi in 1969 and others carrying pictures of legendary Indians like Jawaharlal Nehru, Vikram Sarabhai (issued soon after his death in 1971), etc., formed part of the expo.

"There are about 200 stamps on Gandhi alone had been released across the globe so far. Of this, 33 were issued by the Department of Posts in India," A.M. Joseph Arulraj, president of PCPA, told.

For children, hologram (3 dimensional) stamps from Bhutan and Yemen and pictures of varieties of butterflies such as checker spot, orange tip, etc., from Srilanka, Malaysia, Japan and the United States of America, offered a visual treat.

Places of tourist interest featured in stamps were displayed under a separate category, which included postages on the beach and the lighthouse at Kovalam in Thiruvanathapuram released in 1997, Rameswaram temple, Jain temple in Kolkatta and the Golden Temple in Amristar.

A competition for school children to promote philately is also being organised as part of the exhibition.

12/08/2006: dated 12/08/2006
Marching towards `model district'

It was a march with a difference. Led by Superintendent of Police Y. John Nicholson, 220 police personnel marched through the town with banners on Friday, seeking public co-operation to make Tuticorin a `model district.'

The march, which was taken out from the South Police Station, passed through W.G.C. Road, Beach Road and Victoria Extension Road and culminated where it started, covering about five km. "The march is the first step to generate awareness among the people of the creation of the `model district.' It envisages improvement in traffic management and elimination of obscene wall posters, hoardings and pornographic video footage in the district, among others," Mr. Nicholson told The Hindu .

On traffic management, leaflets containing dos and don'ts on road rules and right parking procedures would be distributed to the people.

"We've planned to shift electric posts, telephone boxes etc., which cause obstruction to a free flow of traffic," he said.

Steps would be taken to deter people from dumping sand and other construction materials on roadsides, caused obstacles to road users.

Traffic warden

Mr. Nicholson said 20 traffic wardens would be appointed shortly for better traffic management in the town.

"These wardens will assist the traffic police strength comprising one inspector, two sub-inspectors and 35 constables," he said.

On garbage clearing, he said awareness would be created among the people of following solid waste management rules.

"Later on, we plan to penalise the law-breakers. The police will impose penalty on persons found smoking and spitting in public places, in accordance with the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Smoking and Spitting Rules, 2003."


It was a tremendous two-hour treat for the dance connoisseurs of Tuticorin at Natesan Manram here recently.

The Bharatnatyam dance programme organised by Subbiah Vidhyalayam Girls Higher Secondary School saw the participation of 20 artistes, led by Pramila Hariharan, a graduate of Kalakshrethra academy.

Started with a `Pushpanjali', the danseuses performed `varnams' and `keertanas'.

They were accompanied by Sekhar on mridhangam, Senthil on violin and Venugopal on vocal.

18/06/06:, dated 18/06/06
Foreign team visits fisheries college

A high-level team from the Michigan State University in the United States of America visited the Fisheries College and Research Institute here on Saturday, as part of an agreement signed by the university with the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS) in Chennai for exchange of students and faculty to promote a collaborative research.

The team, headed by George Bohart, anesthesiologist, and P.S. Mohan Kumar, neuroendocrinologist, both from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, and comprising students, Karen Brauliman, Kathleen Clark, Kevin Coughlin, Kari Santoro, Michelle Miekstyn and Janet Kaminski, visited various laboratories at the institute.

The team held discussions with the Dean, R. Santhanam, and senior faculty at the FCRI, to study the `raceway culture' developed by the institute for enhanced production of shrimps and fish-processing technologies practised in this region of the country.

Later speaking to The Hindu, Dr. Bohart and Mr. Kumar said the American university had entered into an agreement with the TANUVAS recently to improve collaboration with the two varsities and thereby ensure `information exchange', which was useful in the areas of research in veterinary and fisheries science.

"Under the agreement, the Michigan State University would sponsor a training in `environment and occupational health' in the country (India), conducted over a stipulate period, and establish a resource centre to promote the concept," they added.

Mr. Kumar said to raise funds for the training, the university was going to submit a proposal to the National Institute of Health, Maryland, USA, on June 22, to sponsor the venture.

Similarly, the university had identified the TANUVAS as its `twin partner' to execute the `GIVE' (Global Initiative on Veterinary Education) project formulated by it. "For this, we had already submitted a proposal to the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges, a governing body which took care of veterinary education in the USA, to finance it," said Mr. Kumar.

He said the university would explore ways to work with the FCRI on disease and health management of fish.

INS Sindhuraj arrives in Tuticorin port

Part of rehearsal to establish a naval base
INS Sindhuraj, a `Sindhugosh (kilo) class' submarine of the Navy, called on the Tuticorin port on Thursday as part of a dress rehearsal to establish a naval base here. Official sources told The Hindu that the visit was to inspect the facilities at the port and ascertain whether big submarines could be berthed comfortably. It was also to check whether the "submerged" facilities at the port were conducive for manoeuvres involving submarines.

Captained by Commander Vittal Rao Peshawe, the submarine arrived with a 40-member crew at the port at 9.45 a.m. It is expected to set sail on Friday.

The submarine, which was commissioned into the Navy on October 20, 1987, underwent major refit and modernisation at Admiralty Shipyard in St. Petersburg. Now, it has state-of-the-art radio communication gadgets, sonar, radar and modern long-range torpedoes in its armoury.

The crest of INS Sindhuraj depicts a leopard shark. The vessel can attain a maximum speed of 18 knots at a 300-metre depth, dated 16/06/06


Delivering an address on `Infrastructure Projects for Tuticorin' at a ceremony organised by All India Chamber of Commerce and Industries here on Saturday evening to felicitate her for having become a Minister, she said steps would be taken to complete all pending water schemes such as Mangalakurichi scheme and leaks in the water distribution system would be plugged promptly.

On battered roads in the town, she said repairs would be carried out on a war footing to enable smooth transportation.

She assured industrialists that a high quality link road would be established from Tuticorin town to Maniyachi railway station via Thattaparai to facilitate them to board north-bound trains passing through it since there were only three trains in toto operating from Tuticorin station.

Ms. Jeevan sought the help of the industrial fraternity to make the dreams of State Government to run Tuticorin into a clean and green town a la `tiny' Singapore.

In his address, Joe Villavarayar, president, AICCI, asked the Minister to bring a `timber park' to Tuticorin for the production of value-added timber products from the region and export them.

"Already, a large volumes of raw timber are imported through Tuticorin port. A timber park with facilities for value-addition would enable the entrepreneurs to produce high quality finished products, which help them fetch better unit value realisation in the niche market segments abroad," he said. dated 12/06/06

Tuticorin to get modern boxing ring and squash court shortly

Collector R. Palaniyandi on Wednesday inspected the newly established boxing ring and squash court at Tamil Nadu Sport Development Authority (TNSDA) stadium here. Both the facilities will be dedicated to the public before June 15. Accompanied by the District Sports Officer, A. Santhan, the Collector also reviewed the progress of works on Rs 55.5-lakh swimming pool complex coming up at the same venue.

Dr. Palaniyandi said the state-of-the-art squash court complex was constructed at a cost of Rs. 6.5 lakh.

On the swimming pool, Dr. Palaniyandi said almost 75 percent of works had been completed and the remaining works would be expedited to completed in two months.

The pool, measuring 25 m in length, 13 m in breadth and 5 m in depth, will have a water circulation plant, separate dressing rooms for VIP, men and women. dated 08/06/06

courtesy: dated 28/05/06:
A success story of entrepreneurs turning `engineers'

Life has undergone drastic transformation for 20 members of Arivoli Sakthi Women Self-Help Group functioning in the district ever since they have recently established an `electronic choke' manufacturing unit at Mudivaithanendal, with the help of District Rural Development Agency.

Now these women, who have not even completed school education, are successful entrepreneur `engineers', with their products selling under the brand name `Sakthi Electronic Chokes' like hot cakes in the open market at very economical rates without compromising on quality.

The salient features of chokes manufactured by the SHG members, which are used for fluorescent lamps, are its energy efficiency and absence of any heat emission.

It is now widely used for streetlights maintained by local bodies and also sold through retail outlets and sales centres set by District Supply and Marketing Societies at various districts. The SHG offers a free service warranty on the product for two years.

The success in choke business had now prompted the group to explore fresh avenues through product diversification rather than got stagnated in the production of choke alone.

Speaking to The Hindu, S Valliammal, president of Arivoli Sakthi SHG, said, "We are shortly going to establish a new unit to manufacture `printed circuit boards' (PCBs), which are widely used for industrial, software, communication and commercial applications."

To raise capital for the establishment of the new unit (for procuring machineries and raw materials), which comes to the tune of about Rs.6 lakh, the group have submitted a loan proposal to Pandiyan Grama Bank, Pudukudi branch.

"We expect the clearance before month-end," said Ms Valliammal.

Meanwhile, the DRDA too had come forward with assistance to the group to turn their ventures successful.

"We would establish a two-storied shed at Rs 5.5 lakhs using funds earmarked under the Swarnajayanthi Grama Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) scheme, to facilitate the group to run their business without paying any rent," A Natarajan, project officer, DRDA, said.

While ground floor of the edifice could be used for the choke manufacturing unit, which is presently run on a rented premise, the PCB manufacturing unit will function from the first floor.

Besides, the DRDA has already identified a Coimbatore-based company to buy the PCBs produced by the group through a tripartite agreement, as part of efforts to help the women to find market for their new product.

Request for new train services to Madurai and Coimbatore.Tuticorin division of ICC and Tuticorin district Passenger Welfare association sent a request to the railway minister.

who planned to visit the Black Buck Sanctuary at Vallanadu now should get prior permission from the Tuticorin DFO, before embarking on a `voyage' into the sanctuary.
Dinkar Kumar, District Forest Officer dated 14/05/06

Wish List for Tuticorin:

Elections are over and now Tuticorin waits for the new Government to bestow attention on its infrastructure development:

1)Clean City - Proper Waste management & Underground Drainage
2)Better Drinking Water scheme
3)Better Roads within town limit
4)Early completion of highways (tuti-Tveli , Tuti-Madurai , Tuti-Tiruchendur)
5)Special Economical Zone in Port are (SEZ)
6)Over bridge construction to be completed at 3rd gate
7)Proper expansion of the town as New Tuticorin, beyond Sipcot & Madurai bypass.
8)Bus stand can be moved beyond chidabaram nagar area or near collectorate to avoid congestion
9)Boat house at Roche Park


Geetha Jeevan from DMK won the election ,secured 79,821 votes out of the recorded vote of ,157,484.
Daniel Raj from ADMK got 64 498 votes

Tuticorin SEZ:
It is unfortunate that none of the political parties came out openly and mention about implementing the proposed Special Economy Zone in Tuticorin.

Will Tuti loose out the SEZ because of the political game ?

06/05/2006: (courtesy dated (07/05/06)
Night landing facility soon in Tuticorin Airport

The Tuticorin Airport is all set to scale new heights as the Airports Authority of India has started examining the possibilities to augment the operational and non-operational infrastructure to facilitate landing of bigger aircrafts and sustain the commercial viability of the airport.

Speaking to The Hindu, K. Ramalingam, Regional Executive Director, Airports Authority of India, said plans were afoot to introduce night landing facility at the airport soon.

"As part of it, we would establish gadgets like Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) and runway lighting, which are essential for pilots to make aeroplanes land safely on the runway strip during night," he said.

The night landing facility would enable commencement of late evening flights from here, suiting the convenience of passengers.

On extension of runway from the present length of 1,350 metres, he said: "The State Government will be approached at an appropriate time for land acquisition, at a stage when we decide to go for extension."

Garden planned

Dr. Ramalingam said as part of beautification of airport building and its surroundings, a garden was planned around the car park area and saplings would be planted on both sides of the approach road to the airport, through corporate sponsorship.

"It's also planned to have permanent security systems like HFMD (High Frame Metal Detector) and fire fighting devices, in place at the airport here, since the present systems were in fact moved from elsewhere temporarily for the revival of commercial flight operations, which commenced very recently," he added.

Answering a question on whether the Tuticorin Airport would be converted into an international airport in due course of time, Dr. Ramalingam said the first priority would be to sustain the commercial operations from the airport, which remained non-functional till March 31 this year since the NEPC stopped its flight in 1997.

"As and when the traffic grows compensating the losses the airport suffered, owing to non-operations for more than eight years, we would think of creating more facilities like `hangars' and other massive development projects," he added.

He said despite revival of commercial operations, the airport suffered a loss of about Rs 1.8 lakhs per month as the revenue did not commensurate with the income.

"Only ATR-72 model aircrafts are landing here now, which are in fact exempted from landing fees, since they are less than 80 tonnes in weight, and hence, there is not much revenue for the AAI on that count, but at the same time we have to meet the huge operational costs on a daily basis, " he added

It was a treat for the public to see candidates of major parties on a single dais to answer their queries on development projects that would be carried out if they were voted to power

At the `meet-the-candidates' programme, organised by District Electors' Awareness Movement, here on Saturday, candidates of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam and the Indian Justice Party of Tuticorin constituency sat together to talk about their agenda on infrastructure development.

S. Daniel Raj, AIADMK candidate, explained the voters the infrastructure development works he had carried out as Municipal Chairman (Tuticorin Municipality) using Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation's loans. He highlighted the works he had carried out for paddy and banana farmers when he was elected as MLA from the Srivaikundam constituency in 1984, 1989 and 1991.

Ms Jeevan ,DMK candidate ,promised the electors that an information technology park would be established in Tuticorin, if she was voted to power.

"We will distribute free house site pattas to fishermen who are at present staying in land owned by the Tuticorin Port Trust, and give electricity at subsidised rates to salt industry," she said.

Peter Raj of DMDK told the electors that efforts would be made to address all the problems pertaining to basic amenities, if his party was voted to power.

V. Nagarajan (Janata Dal United), A. Arumuganainar (Independent) and J. Bombaidasan (Independent) took part in the meeting. dated 30/04/2006

It looks to be a tight two-cornered electoral battle between S Daniel Raj of AIADMK, a three-time MLA from Srivaikundam constituency, and Geeta Jeevan of DMK, a `relatively fresh face', for the Tuticorin Assembly constituency.

Though equipped with a state-of-the-art seaport, which is one among the 12 major ports in the country, the constituency did not flourish on economical and industrial fronts during the last few years since the government agencies failed to create adequate infrastructure to `lure' more investment

The ground level credit flow in the industrial sector has steeply declined since 2002, which could create flutters for the AIADMK candidate in the forthcoming polls. Ground level disbursements by banks in the industrial front stood at around Rs 235 crores in 2004-05 fiscal against Rs 405.9 crores during 2002-03.

Hence, all the parties in the fray will have an uphill task to incorporate strategies in their poll manifesto and propaganda to address the lacunae in the infrastructure, which would have a cascading effect on the industrial potential of the constituency, in the long

Threat to coral ecosystem

Rapid rise in the mercury level in the last few weeks has not only made life miserable to human beings but also to live coral ecosystem in the Gulf of Mannar region.

A reef research team of Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute here, affiliated to Manonmanian Sundaranar University, led by its Director J. K. Patterson Edward, during routine underwater study, had found that coral species around Mandapam group of Islands and Tuticorin group of Islands in the region have started bleaching owing to abominable heat.

Dr. Edward said the temperature was higher this year when compared to the climatic condition that prevailed in the same period last year. Hence, the bleaching process was faster this year.

"During last summer, the maximum bottom seawater temperature recorded in shallow water engulfing 21 islands in the Gulf of Mannar was 32.4 degree Celsius but it had already touched 33 degree Celsius this year."

"In 2005, bleaching started in April and attained its peak in May at varying intensities and the most affected area was around the Keezhakarai group of Islands and Tuticorin group of Islands," Dr Patterson said.

On coral bleaching, he said it used to occur when the sky was clear and the wind velocity was low in summer, which is favourable for ultraviolet rays to penetrate water and decolourise/ bleach corals, which eventually lead to its mortality.

"Since reef building corals live near upper thermal tolerance limits, small increase in temperature over several weeks or large increase over a few days can lead to dysfunction and death of corals."

Saying that coral bleaching was a major concern since it would lead to mortality of live corals if the heat condition persisted for a longer period, he said steps should be taken by all stakeholders to manage the reef ecosystem wisely from other disturbances such as destructive fishing.


Fisheries institute to produce microbes, cells

Fisheries College and Research Institute here is all set to produce microbes and cells needed for research in aquaculture on a large scale, with the recent addition of a bioreactor at its Fisheries Biotechnology Centre (FBC).

It purchased the state-of-the-art bioreactor costing Rs 7.5 lakh from Holland with grants allocated by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

S. Felix, Associate Professor, FBC, said the instrument comprising a bio-controller, bio-console and a culture vessel, was equipped to control parameters pertaining to temperature, pH foam formation and dissolved oxygen, which are essential for the optimum growth of microbes.

For the production of microbes, he said acid base and anti-foaming agents are first placed in separate vessels and its flow into the culture vessel having a capacity of three litres would be controlled by the bio-controller.

Air was then pumped through a filter with the help of a small motor and the temperature of `media,' a solution made up of nutrients, kept inside the culture vessel, was maintained using a thermal blanket cover over it.

Dr. Felix said facilities are embedded in the bioreactor to sterilize the culture vessel as well as in flow tubes, to prevent cross contamination at the production stage.

The microbes would then be inoculated into the `media' for multiplication, he added.

The entire data on the production of microbes could be transferred to the computer attached to the bioreactor using a tailor-made software named `BioXpert LITE,' which would enable the scientists to store and retrieve the data for references.

Dr. R. Santhanam, Dean, FCRI, said the microbes thus produced in large numbers could be used in aquaculture research as bio-remedial agents to increase shrimp production by controlling ammonia levels in the culture systems.

"The bioreactor would be used for the preparation of marine silages too, a new concept for manufacture of nutrient rich food for shrimps," he added.

03/04/06: (courtesy
Chamber seek more train...

The All India Chamber of Commerce and Industries has urged the Southern Railway to introduce more trains connecting Tuticorin with other port towns situated in the Western Coastline of the country.

In a memorandum submitted to the General Manager of Southern Railway, recently, the president, J. P. Joe Villavarayar, said it was a pity that even after a century-long existence, only two express trains, one to Mysore and another to Chennai Egmore, and a passenger train to Tirunelveli ply from the Tuticorin station.

"Direct services from here to port towns like Kochi and Mangalore will be a boon to the industrial fraternity and for the integrated development of ports," he said.

Similarly, overnight express trains to connect the town with Coimbatore was a long-felt demand of industrialists for easy and cheaper access between two industrially vibrant destinations.

He pointed out that the small and medium scale entrepreneurs from Coimbatore region, who use the Tuticorin port often for exports of their produce, were presently dependent on buses, which were expensive and time-consuming.

The chamber also wanted passenger train services to connect Tuticorin with the Vanchi Maniyachi station in the district to link the passengers to all north-bound trains from Nagercoil and Tirunelveli, which were passing through it.

Mr. Villavarayar said all pleas of industrialists and public from Tuticorin for better rail connectivity with major cities in the state and country were ignored in the recent railway budget, though it was decided to introduce 11 new trains for the southern states.

The chamber urged the railways to expedite gauge conversion works in the Dindigul-Coimbatore and Pollachi-Palakkad sectors to enable the population from Tuticorin region to get access to Mumbai faster through the Konkan Railway.

"Steps should be taken to double the Chengalpattu-Tuticorin track to avoid `track saturation', which was cited as the reason by the railways for non-introduction of more trains in the Tuticorin-Chennai sector," Mr Villavarayar said.

02/04/2006: (

After a gap of eight years and 312 days, commercial air operations were launched from Tuticorin airport here on Saturday.

Piloted by Commander Quientero, a Columbian national, and First Officer Saritha, Air Deccan's ATR 42 aircraft on Chennai-Madurai-Tuticorin sector touched the runway at 11.15 a.m., signalling the revival of passenger operations from the airport here since the NEPC stopped its flight to Chennai on May 23, 1997.

A large gathering comprising senior officials from Airports Authority of India (AAI), Tuticorin Port Trust, Air Deccan, industrialists and media persons were present at the airport to witness the revival of commercial air operations.

In all, 30 passengers alighted in Tuticorin and they were given a warm reception by Air Deccan and AAI officials at the apron.

On its return journey to Chennai (without touching Madurai), 33 passengers, including 27 males, five females and one infant, boarded the plane in Tuticorin. Ananda Chandra Bose, Traffic Manager, Tuticorin Port Trust, became the first passenger to check-in and board the plane.

The Tirunelveli MP, Dhanushkodi Athithan, flagged off the take off at 12.15 p.m. A.Abdul Nazeem, Airport-in-charge, and AAI officials were present.

Airdeccan to start its flight service to Tuticorin from Chennai from today...via Madurai..


The Airports Authority of India commenced refurbishing the airport building and the runway on Friday to facilitate revival of commercial air service from Tuticorin airport after a gap of nine years, from April 1.

A high-level team led by R Basavaraj, Assistant General Manager, Airports Authority of India, was supervising the renovation project and the entire works were expected to be completed before March 31 to make the airport fit for scheduled operations.

Official sources said as part of the works, visitors lounge would be refurbished according to the recommendations of a high-level committee, which visited the airport on February 14 this year to check whether it was fit for scheduled operations.

A partition between visitor's lounge and passenger movement would be established, which was one of the important suggestions put forward by the committee comprising officials from the office of Director General of Civil Aviation, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, AAI, and Air Deccan.

Besides, a footpath would be constructed for the arriving passengers to move directly to the car parking area.

The signs/markings on the runway to help the pilots to land safely and during taxing would be painted soon.

A. Abdul Nazim, airport-in-charge, said 25 baggage trolleys had arrived from Madurai on Friday and an X-ray machine was expected before the month end.

"We had increased the seating capacity at the passenger lounge with an additional 120 seats," he said.

Mr. Nazim said two water tenders brought from Mangalore and Madurai, and an ambulance brought from Coimbatore would be inducted into service at the airport from the date of commencement of air operations.

Meanwhile, Air Deccan, which was going to introduce the ATR 42-500 model aircraft between Tuticorin and Chennai, had opened a check-in counter at the airport. dated 25/03/2006

Preserve national park !!
Conservation and development of the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park should be an `integrated process' to preserve the resources in the region," C.K. Sreedharan, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Tamil Nadu, has said.

Delivering keynote address at the valedictory of a national workshop on `marine and coastal biodiversity,' organised by Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute here on Friday, he said a consensus among the public against illegal mining in the Gulf of Mannar biosphere was essential to conserve its biodiversity for sustainable use. "All stakeholders should take effort to recognise the flora and fauna in the park and protect the sensitive eco-system in the area."

Importance should be given to explore resources in the park instead of exploiting them. Over exploitation and wrong use of resources will spoil the eco-system, he said.

There is a scope to develop it into an eco-tourism destination, which will attract both inland and foreign tourists.

"Revenue generated from tourism can be used to give alternative sustainable livelihood to fishermen, who otherwise depend on coral reefs and marine organisms for their livelihood," he added dated 25/03/2006

Learn about crab, lobster to earn

The Fisheries College and Research Institute conducted a three-day training on `Crab and Lobster Fattening technology' at its Maritech Research Centre situated at Tharuvaikulam in Tuticorin recently.

Delivering the inaugural address, A.S. Ninawe, Director, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, said that dissemination of coastal aquaculture technologies to fisher folk and unemployed youth was essential to enhance their technical knowledge and income generation activities.

"The trained personnel then could start their own business, which would augment their socio-economic status," he added.

He said the department had been training manpower on biotechnology tools to tap aquatic resources and thereby manufacture products meant for pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

28/02/2006: (

Exporters of medicinal plants in the Tuticorin region are an ecstatic lot, as the centre has decided to set up a Medicinal Plant Export Processing Zone, the first of its kind in the State, here.

"Indeed the move is welcome since it's our long-pending demand to have this facility to augment the export potential in this region," said P.S.S. Ramachandran, president of Tuticorin Senna Exporters Association.

Official sources said the zone, which would be set up on a public-private partnership, will have a Common Facilities Centre for testing raw herbal materials, Effluent Treatment Plant, storage units and modern infrastructure for producing value-added products.

B. Sivaramakrishnan, Member, National Medicinal Plant Board, said the export processing zone would enable exporters to follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and encourage farmers to adopt contract farming on a large scale.

According to experts, the zone could augment the export of medicinal plants and extractions from the Tuticorin region through Tuticorin port. "At present, medicinal plants and herbal extracts worth Rs.40 crore are exported annually through the port."

Niche markets

Similarly, they felt that `Tirunelveli Senna,' a trademark-crop from the Tuticorin-Tiruneveli belt could penetrate global niche markets. P.S.S.K. Raja Sankaralingam, a medicinal plant exporter and president of SIPCOT Industrialists Association, said the zone would be a boon to manufactures since modern agriculture practices to be followed inside it would fetch better unit-value realisation for their products. "The common hi-quality testing facilities proposed in the zone would help the exporters to test the quality of products at the manufacturing and processing stage itself, especially when countries such as Japan are set to strictly enforce stringent quality guidelines pertaining to import of herbal products very soon," he said.

Mr. Sankaralingam said, according to the guidelines, the maximum agriculture residue limits in herbal raw materials should not exceed 0.2 ppm (parts per million) and this parameter could be tested only with the help of sophisticated gadgets, which this region lacks.

"Owing to absence of such costly equipment, we are forced to test the samples either at Chennai or Bangalore," he said.

23/02/2006: (
Silver Jubilee Arch Opened:

N. Balaraman, Vice-Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, threw .open a Silver Jubilee Arch built on the entrance to the Fisheries College and Research Institute (FCRI) here on Tuesday.

R. Santhanam, Dean, FCRI, said the arch was built on an outlay of Rs.2.5 lakh raised from private sponsors.

Dr. Balaraman released a souvenir on `Silver Jubilee Arch,' a manual on `Shrimp Raceway Technology' and the proceedings of the National Symposium, "Recent trends in Fisheries Education and Research" conducted here recently. He also launched two VCDs on `Fisheries database' and `Preparation of value-added fisheries products,' introduced by the FCRI as part of extension activities.

High level team inspects Tuticorin Airport:

Officials from the office of Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), Airport Authority of India (AAI) and Air Deccan inspected the airport here on Tuesday to see whether it was fit for scheduled operations prior to revival of commercial flight service next month.

The Air Deccan was expected to start its flight service in March.

Sources said that the check became mandatory, as the airport did not have any commercial operations since NEPC Airlines stopped its service in 1997.

A team comprising P. Gourishankar, Regional Deputy Commissioner, BCAS, Bharat Bhushan, Deputy Director, DGCA, M. Avinash, Senior Manager, AAI, and B.M. Uthaiah, Deputy General Manager, Air Deccan, inspected air operational facilities, passenger amenities and security at the airport.

They inspected the five-km `perimeter wall' around the airport to ascertain whether it was built as per the specifications of Civil Aviation Minister and the cooling pit meant for disposal of unidentified baggage.

Abdul Nazim, airport-in-charge, and Josh Thomas, Manager (technical), Tuticorin airport, and Kapil Saratkar, Assistant Superintendent of Police, were present during the inspection.

Mr. Gourishankar said condition of the runway, facilities at the air traffic control tower, passenger lounge, fire and safety aspects, parking facilities for visitors were evaluated.

The police were asked to deploy 12 persons and the BCAS would train them on anti-hijack, bomb detection and disposal technique.

"We are exploring the possibility of deploying Central Industrial Security Force for security duty in addition to it."

He said the design and layout of the airport from security point of view was excellent and only slight modifications pertaining to passenger amenities needed to done for revival of flight service.

"We found that there were no STD booth facilities as well as no partition between visitors' lounge and passenger movement." But these matters could be resolved easily, he said.

The inspection report would be simultaneously submitted to DGCA, BCAS, AAI and Air Deccan this week itself, Mr. Gourishankar added.

01/02/2006: (
The revival of air service between Thoothukudi and Chennai remains uncertain and neither the Airports Authority of India (AAI) nor the flight operator, Air Deccan, has explained the real reason for the delay.

The people of Thoothukudi and surrounding areas, who were eagerly waiting for the landing and take off of the Air Deccan flight at Vagaikulam Airport near here on February 1, are sorely disappointed that the operation has been postponed without attributing any proper reason.

“We have already been taken for a ride by two flight operators in the past who had abruptly terminated their services in 1997.

“Since then, the Indian Chamber of Commerce here had strained every nerve for Air Deccan to link Thoothukudi with Chennai and made them announce the date for the inaugural flight,” said the secretary of Thoothukudi Passengers’ Welfare Association M Brahmanayagam.

A salt manufacturer and the secretary of Small Salt Manufacturers Association here felt that this kind of uncertainty would create a negative impact among the potential users as they have had bitter experiences earlier.

When contacted the Air Deccan officials, blamed the AAI for not providing certain basic facilities to handle their aircraft.

This argument of Air Deccan was strongly refuted by AAI sources, who said that they had made all arrangements and once Air Deccan officially gave them the date of commencing their service, the facilities would be made available.

Sources also said that once the date was fixed a combined inspection by the officers belonging to AAI, Director General of Civil Aviation and Bureau of Civil Aviation

Security would be conducted at the airport and only then, security personnel, either from the local police or from the Central Industrial Security Force would be appointed.

The president of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Johnson said,” I have heard from sources that the delay was due to the re-scheduling of flight timing in accordance with the expansion work of the runway in Madurai airport.

But am not sure if that is the real reason.” Air Deccan sources on anonymity said that they had recruited their security staff and were striving their best to operate the service by the middle of March, adding that the delay was due to the commencement of the Tiruchy-Chennai flight service from February.

However, people of Thoothukudi hope that at least they would not be let down this time.

31/01/2006: ( dated ,31/01/2006)
\No Plans to Shift Tuticorin Railway station:

The Minister of State for Railways, R Velu, on Sunday inspected the various ongoing infrastructure development works carried out by the Railway department in the district.

He inspected the construction of a two-storied station house at Milavittan and the gauge conversion work on Tiruchendur-Tirunelveli section.

Official sources said the station house at Milavittan which is being constructed at a cost of about Rs.20 lakhs would be be over during the first quarter of the next fiscal (2006-07).

The building would house the office of the Station Master, a ticket counter, and gadgets such as `route relay interlock panel' and a signal as well as telecommunication instruments.

Later speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Velu said that there was no plan immediately to shift the Tuticorin railway station to Milavittan.

"Rather, plans are afoot to construct state-of-the-art road over-bridges (ROB) near the first and second railway gates too, which are situated in the town, similar to the ROB project to be constructed near the `third railway gate', in order to ease traffic congestion," he said.

The Minister said besides, a pit-lane would be created at Milavittan station, situated on the outskirts of the town, to facilitate termination of some trains there in future, instead of sending all of them to Tuticorin station, a terminal station.

"The passenger amenities at Milavittan station, which now predominantly acts as a `depot station' handling freights, will also be improved in a phased manner,' he added.

Mr. Velu said while cargo worth Rs.13.3 crore was handled at Milavittan till January 28, only an average of 20 passenger tickets per day were issued from the station at present.
21/01/2006: courtesy: dated 21/01/2006
`VIP-cum-pilot' launch joins floating craft fleet at TPT

The Tuticorin Port Trust has added a `VIP-cum-pilot' launch, `M.L. Tuticorin,' to its existing floating craft fleet.

At a function held near the Finger Jetty inside the port recently, N.K. Raghupathy, chairman, TPT, received the launch from Rajkumar Pillai, Senior General Manager, Goodwill Engineering, Pondicherry, the company, which had manufactured it.

The TPT sources told mediaperons that the launch, built at a cost of Rs 2.29 crores, would be primarily used by port pilots for boarding and disembarking from the vessels visiting the port during their inward and outward movements.

"The pilots would travel in the launch to reach the ship calling on the port just outside the port limits, before boarding into it and guide the vessel to berth at the harbour," sources added.

Similarly, the pilots could return in the launch after guiding the vessels, which leave the port borders in its return journey from the berths.

The launch would also be used to take the VIPs around the harbour area, who pay a visit to the port either for inspection or sightseeing.

On technical specifications of the launch, sources said it had a length of 20 metres, breadth of 6.7 metres and draft of 2 metres.

The launch uses steerable rudder schottel propulsion system and can attain a maximum speed of 12.4 knots.

19/01/2006: dated 19/01/06:

A 15-day-long national-level training programme on `Raceway Shrimp Culture,' organised by Fisheries College and Research Institute (FCRI) commenced here on Tuesday.

R. Santhanam, Dean, FCRI, told mediapersons that the training programme was aimed at disseminating raceway shrimp farming technology, a new technology developed recently by the institute under a Central Government sponsored research project.

"Using the concept, shrimp culture could be undertaken in minimal area with water re-circulation system and constructed wetland, which serve as filtration system for organics of effluent discharged from raceways," he said.

White shrimps and tiger shrimps could be reared using this technology in which biological, mechanical and UV filtration facilities are embedded.

Earlier, R. Bharat Kumar, Assistant General Manager, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, inaugurated the event by releasing a training manual called "Bio-secured Raceway-Based Shrimp Farming Technology.'

He urged the FCRI to work out the `unit cost of investment' that was necessary to set up shrimp culture units using the new technology.

"The rates/costs could be incorporated in the "unit cost manual' prepared by us, which was used by bank managers as a benchmark while extending credit to entrepreneurs," he added.

About 15 shrimp culturists, researchers and entrepreneurs were attending the training programme.

Sethu project dredging work progressing fast
  • Recommendation made relating to competitive bidding for two segments
  • Tuticorin port handled 13.05 million tonnes of cargo till December 31
  • It is likely to post a profit of Rs. 90 crore

Dredging work for the Sethusamudram project is progressing fast and 29.8 lakh cubic metre has so far been dredged out of the total of 135.5 lakh cubic metre allotted to the Dredging Corporation of India in the `D' segment, falling in the Palk Straits, N. K. Raghupathy, Chairman and Managing Director, Sethusamudram Corporation Limited, has said.

Speaking to presspersons here, he said the Corporation is planning to allot dredging in the `C' segment (204.5 lakh cubic metre) to the dredging corporation.

On dredging work in the `A' and `B' segments, he said the Sethusamudram Corporation recommended to the Centre that it dissolve the international competitive bidding that took place last year for these segments, as price and other factors, presented by the bidders, were found unacceptable. "Global re-tendering will take place this year."

Dispelling fears of delay in the implementation of the project, he said it would become operational utmost by July, 2008, ahead of schedule.

Development plan

Mr. Raghupathy said the Coastal Community Development Programme, launched under the Sethusamudram project, was going on as per schedule. It was meant to offset the impact of the project on fisheries, if any, and to provide livelihood opportunities to people of 328 coastal villages in Tuticorin, Ramanthapuram, Nagapattinam, Tiruvarur, Tanjavur and Pudukottai districts.

Mr. Raghupathy, also Chairman of Tuticorin Port Trust, said the port handled 13.05 million tonnes of cargo in the first nine months of the fiscal year to December 31, registering a growth in traffic of 11.1 per cent over the corresponding period last year.

The port was likely to register a profit of Rs. 90 crore during the current fiscal. "Till December, the profit hovered around Rs. 81 crore, against Rs. 69 crore for the corresponding period last year."

He said as part of the efforts to upgrade infrastructure, negotiations were on with the National Highways Authority of India to extend National Highway 7 A, which terminated on the outer edge of the port to the Green Gate inside at a cost of Rs. 21 crore. dated 16/01/2006


  • Reconstruction/strengthening of roads on 30 stretches
  • Construction of storm water drains and culverts
  • New water supply distribution lines are coming up
  • Development of park on Tuticorin- Tirunelveli highway

Addressing the councillors, S. Daniel Raj, Municipal Chairman, said the works included reconstruction/strengthening of roads on 30 stretches (Rs 273.5 lakhs), construction of storm water drains and culverts in four places (Rs 27.50 lakhs), establishment of water supply distribution lines (Rs 82.30 lakhs) and development of the park situated on Tuticorin- Tirunelveli highway (Rs 35 lakhs).

The roads that would be strengthened included South Raja Street, Davispuram East Street, Doovepuram Second Street, Perumalpuram Main Road and S. S. Street, among others.

The new water supply distribution lines are going to come up at Muniasamypuram, Chinnamani Nagar, Bhoopalrayapuram, State Bank Colony, Sundaravelpuram, Ganesh Nagar/ L.R.G Colony, Azhagesapuram East and P & T Colony.

According to the chairman, provision of supply lines would enhance the water distribution capacity in the town.

Mr. Raj said that 90 per cent of the total amount of Rs.418.3 lakhs envisaged for the projects would be obtained as grants under a Central scheme, Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns (UIDSSMT), and the rest of the amount would be borrowed as loans through the Infrastructure Funding Scheme of the Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation.

Dont Burn Tyres , Plastics !!!
The public should not burn tyres, plastic materials and refuses while celebrating the Bhogi festival on January 13, according to S. Shanmugasundaram, District Environment Engineer, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

"When plastic things and tyres are burnt, poisonous substances such as dioxine, sulphur di-oxide and other suspended particulate matter are released into the air, which are extremely harmful to human bodies, if inhaled," he said.
Mr. Shanmugasundaram said instead of burning old materials from houses, the public should dispose them of, according to norms mentioned under the Solid Waste Management and Handling Rules.

"They could dispose of refuses at bins provided by the municipal administration," he said. dated 11/01/2006

A long-awaited dream of the postal employees came true with the Ministry of Information and Technology giving nod to begin the construction work on a double-storeyed building at Thoothukudi head post office.

Sources from the Postal department said that the work is likely to begin by laying the foundation stone by the Union Minister of Information and Technology, Dhayanidi Maran on January 16.

The head post office in Thoothukudi under which 16 sub-post offices fall has been functioning in a rented building in Victoria Extension road for more than 30 years.

Though the Government had sanctioned about Rs 1 crore for the construction of a double-storeyed building to house the head post office in Thoothukudi two years back, the work was delayed due to political changes at the Centre.

Sources further said that a 21.4 cent land opposite to Kamaraj College has been taken in lease by the Department of post for 99 years from the Salt Department for this purpose.

Construction work would be over within 2 years, sources added. Meanwhile, postal officials have been actively engaged in making elaborate arrangements for the foundation stone-laying function on January 16. dated 09/01/2006

Tuticorin Municipality is working towards to become a corporation.By including the SPIC and Sterlite area, Tuticorin can become a corporation..

Workshop for seafood exporters under way

In an effort to keep the seafood exporters abreast with quality control technologies, a four-day workshop on hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) verification audit has been organised for them by the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) here.

Inaugurating the workshop on Tuesday, Sanjiveeraj, professor and dean-in-charge of Thoothukudi Fisheries College and Research Institute, said HACCP has been designed to minimise the risk of seafood spoilage, decomposition and other safety hazards.

He stressed that seafood processing plants should implement HACCP based quality assurance system to maintain international standards, mainly the European and the American.

The professor recalled that the country earned Rs 6,646.69 crore of foreign exchange through marine products export in 2004-05.

Warning about the fast depleting marine resources due to over exploitation, he called on the scientists to take upon themselves the responsibility of teaching the fishermen ways to conserve marine resources without their livelihood getting affected.

Pointing out that Thoothukudi contributed to 10 per cent of the country’s marine export last year, Sanjiveeraj said the share could be further increased if the processing units and the exporters followed quality checks stringently at every stage.

The workshop was attended by representatives of seafood exporters and processing units.

Earlier Sasidharan Nair, assistant director, MPEDA, Thoothukudi, welcomed the participants.
courtesy: dated 04/01/2006

"Emulate Japan in tackling natural disasters"

It is a year since the tsunami struck the Tamil Nadu coast. But India is yet to learn lessons from the December 26, 2004 tsunami and remedial measures it has taken to tackle further disasters of the same magnitude are still in `primitive' stage, says J.K. Patterson Edward, Director, Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute, affiliated to the M.S. University.

Dr. Edward went on a three-month tour to Japan recently on the invitation of the University of Tokyo to study "Tsunami impact to ecosystem: remedial and protective measures in Japan."

He feels India should take a leaf out of Japan, which had a long history of tsunamis and other natural disasters, on methods needed to be adopted to tackle tsunamis, thereby minimise the losses.

"Man cannot stop nature's fury, but he can wisely reduce its impact."

"Tsunamis which frequently hit Japan's coastline since the one that destroyed the eastern parts of Ishigaki Island near Okinawa following the Yaeyama earthquake in 1771, made the government and people there more cautious in safeguarding lives and property," he says.

"After the `Showa Sanriku tsunami' in 1933, Japan built state-of-the art sea walls, wave breakers, water gates and high-rise dikes as protection tools on a war footing, and the world's largest tsunami protection sea wall with a height of 10 metres and a length of 1.4 km is at Taro town in Japan."

Nowadays, seawalls of varying length protect all tsunami hit coastal zones across Japan and height based on the past tsunami wave heights.

Wave breakers

Besides, multi-layered concrete wave breakers were erected near the shores in all bays and planted shelterbelt plantations.

According to Dr. Edward, a salient feature of the Japanese model of tackling disasters is the adoption of "soft disaster prevention measures" which emphasises on awareness, forecast, communication, swift evacuation and rescue operations.

Integrated approach

Dr. Edward says that "India thus should adopt the Japanese model of integrated disaster management approach with slight modifications suiting the nomenclature of our coastal line."

On protection methods, he says coastal afforestation and reef restoration works should be strengthened on a war footing and drastic measures taken to prevent "deforestation and illegal coral mining." dated 25/12/2005


The construction work over the 3rd gate in Tuticorin is stopped for the past one year.It is understood that the constructor, (UP State bridge construction corporation??) , demands more now that what is tendered.Since it is under the control of Railways, Tuti municipality could not do much, except to push the railways to get going.

Also, the Tuti municipal is preparing the other approach roads required (preparing 4th gate from VVD mahal ) to speed up the process. - Tuti Chairman on makkal Madai in AMN TV


It is understood that the recent political meeting at balavinakayar koil street disturbed the normal traffic in Tuticorin town.
People of this town are against such political meetings happening by blocking the main roads.

Deccan to fly from Chennai to Tuticorin daily.Service to be started from Feb-2006

chennai----> Tuticorin
09:15               11:15   AM

Tuticorin -> Chennai
11:30 12:55 AM/noon

Reservation can be done through :
Call center # - 9840377008 (Chennai) , 9894477008 (TamilNadu)


Plans have been chalked out to construct a protective wall of 325 metres in length, on the rear side of the Roche Park, which lies close to the sea, at a cost of Rs.10 lakhs, according to the Municipal Chairman, S. Daniel Raj.

"The wall had become essential, as seawater had been entering the park premises quite often and destroying the greenery inside," said the chairman

Besides, another wall of 265 metres in length would be established on the northern side of the park, which was lying open, at a cost of Rs.5 lakhs.

S. Daniel Raj, Municipal Chairman, said infrastructure around the places of worship in the town would be improved at a cost of Rs.50 lakhs using government grants earmarked under `Heritage Town Scheme,' as the town was recently declared one among the 30 `heritage towns' in the State. The works are expected to start soon.

Rs.six lakhs each would be spent for black topping and construction of storm water drains' at North Car Street and Sivankoil Street. Similar works will be carried out on West Car Street at an outlay of Rs.five lakhs.

Streetlights would be installed at an outlay of Rs.70,000, and an overhead water tank at Rs.50,000 — all near the four-century-old Our Lady of Snow Church situated in the heart of the town.
A good chunk of the fund, Rs.12.3 lakhs, would be spent on laying of concrete roads on the stretches that lead to St. Peter's Church, St. Antony's Church, Marakudi Street etc.

The chairman expressed the hope that strengthening of infrastructure would prove to be a boon to `heritage tourism' in the area, as the town was blessed with ancient places of worship, some being architectural marvels.